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So What Is … " Strength " … ??? And What Is … " Weakness " … ?!? Well Strength Is NOT Within HARD HEADS ... !!!!! Who ALWAYS Tend To Have REGRETS ... About The Things They're QUICK To Express ...
Trembling, timid, twisted Rebellious, reckless, ruined Ebbing, erring, ensnared Amuck, anxious, afraid Sporadic, stressed, sinful Ugly, unsure, umbrageous Restless, ruthless, recalcitrant
Make it easy.
I want to speak one more Language That everybody can easily speak Same as our food and the beverage If not, it means, we are weak  
Why is it that the best muses are love and pain?   Because they are strong. Why do people feel them so easily?
He sat in a corner, all hunched up and scared. His eyes red and streaming from his cloudy mind. His jeans ripped just as his cheek is; His hair mangled just as his shirt is.
Lust is a strength unlike any other Causing grief and agony in its wakeIt trembles across your fingertipsAs you type a message
Dear Dream of mine, My life flashes by in a ray of colors, with so many frames and images that pass on. they aren't just pictures, they are masterpieces of water color, a work of art,
I wish I were stronger— Strong enough to kill, To wield this blade against him And cut a smile into his throat.   Feet that dance on knives for my sweet voice—
Ya nigga played you but you blamin' bitches, throwin the blame because you know he was wit us fuckin' other females but sayin he love you, the reason you take him back because he admit that he does it
America the For∙mi∙da∙ble: “Inspiring fear, or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense or capable.”   America is
It has been said That lions are the fiercest of beings Strong jaws, sharpened teeth -  Ready to pounce.    Every day the lion waited I saw him around corners Prowling in the distance
i looked into the mirror and saw nothing i wanted to see. i still had a belly that stuck out to far my thighs still large. my breasts, not impressive at all i see the cuts on my thigh the cuts on my wrist
He hurt me. I have lost count of things broken and blood spilled. 1,5,20 to many punches to the gut and kicks to the shin. Remeber how you burned my skin?
An urge with no name... You followed me everywhere... My one weakness: you.
My greatest weakness is fear. But it's not just any fear, it's a disease. It creeps and crawls onto every decision. It beats me down into indecisiveness.
Tiny bald head smothered with faint peachy fuzz, wrinkled clenched eyelids hiding deep blue orbs, unopened fists punch at the sky,
Weak. I feel it.
Dont let it all fall down when everything starts to get good.
The weakness of being taken. I can't be taken from unless I am taken by. I can't be taken from somebody until I am somebody's to be taken from.
I try to scream Nothing Silence I try to speak Yet again nothing Silence I wonder what has happened I am mute to the world Has someone clipped my vocal cords so as to forever silence 
Growl of the Gods- [Title provided by Bravo Blane]-Stella D’Vine I sit there looking down, a permanent scowl upon my face. I rip at the ground, my nails digging into the soft mud, pulling the grass out of the root.
"Feminism" is taking over, and wow, they have a point. Men can do what women do and women do as men. But is it really feminism...   When we tell a girl that she ought to wear pants
i hate my scars. they are not lovely, they are not bravery.  they dictate my life. they tell me what i can wear, where to go who i can trust, who i can love...
they look at me and all agree they think im a stuck up white girl like, "she probably gets all her shit for free" ive got blonde hair, blue eyes. and my skintone is real white
Bleeding because it paints the pictures so heavily spilled in my mind. And seeing the crimson upon my skin Gives me pain that makes me real.   Crying because It makes me view
My crooked smile and loud laugh Are things that make me flawless   My hyperactive crave for change Are things that make me lawless   My 4'10" stature and petite frame Attribute to my smallness
I am a bird, unnoticed but free
Sitting alone on the grass late one night Admiring the starry sky shining so bright I could not help but be in awe of my God Who created the heavens and man out of sod
Love is just another way to prove to mankind that they are not invincible The strongest man's knees will shake when she stands too close
Someday I will say the word “love” without slurring itwithout murmuring it over the airwaveswithout screaming it through tears,without it cutting my knees in the gravel of the driveway.Our driveway.
Every morning I awake With the Overbearing Sense of Dread That everyone Expects Me To carry Silently.  This
She was jogging late one evening As every night she did Aware not of the treachery That falling darkness hid
I think To be “strong” is to be Miserable. To be “strong” when you feel your weakest, Is to destroy one self. I have never felt my “Strongest” when I’ve had to Pretend
Poor choicesdrowned out by voicesof want and reason
Hush little girl, and rest in me
Oh, you hate men? Why would you be a feminist? All guys aren't like that..That's so unfair.
She takes flight. All the light in those babydoll eyes. Broken. Soars away from these hardships. Tender hands burned. In this seemingly painless discuise. Don't leave me in the darkness.
I find it hard to live in the world I am in.
Bad luck drowns my sorrow in a
Goodbye..it's time that we part     Here now I leave along with your troubles So you may stay happy as you've always been   More than you now are the memories precious
Im here ag
Life is hard. Every one knows. Life is scary. Thats just how it goes. Life is too short. We don't get much time. Life is so burdened. But you'll be just fine. We tell ourselves lies.
Sun is shinning  Sky is clear  I'm Sitting by the ocean wishing you were here  Fish jumping crabs walking But still I need you right here  
As kids, we are brave if we go down the slide if we try a new food if we jump off the high dive if we don't cry when mom leaves on the first day of school.  As middle schoolers, we are brave
I try and I try to be perfect for you.
What does it mean to be weak?
It starts with a push, the decisive push on the enter key to explain t
You amaze me every day. And I still get butterflies when you call. I'm so happy to be your baby. I'd never think of leaving you at all. I haven't felt so free 'til I felt the love you've given me.
I thrive where others run.
I don't like to fight, And I dont like to hurt, The pain you put me through is leaving blood stains on my shirt.   I just want my home to be normal, That is all that I ask,
My words are mine not yours But I'll share Lend you my words of courage Hope Love But I wont let you take them My words are mine but not mine alone there for you to Just ask
Silence stretches Between you and iIts painfully quietThe music turned on highTo drown outThe painful truth 
shes my best friendi hold her hand when she crieshold her hair when she vomitsrub her back when she needs mehug her when she breaks downand helps her smilei dont know how to deal with emotions
I'm in the zone, but in this situation, it's a bad thing Telling me relationships ain't you, and it ain't your thing ... but you don't know, how far I'll go, to get you anything
It's always harder when your sober. you feel more out of control lost to the people around you.
  People, formicating over the sidewalk. Life's gold leaflets are turning. Ignorance is a forest of constricting ivies, blinding blues and greens, and a lustful burgundy.
Deprived of the purification my body and soul aches my spirit dies a little my heart cries a bit and i remain physically intact bound to behave and portray normality for its a crime to shed emotion
Waiting for that one rival that I'm willing to chase down the mountain in an epic race We'll see whos the better driver Catch me face to face and I'll show you this mountains number one ace
The mental state of a young black kid is contended The fast life he has seen on the screen is addictive Having money and clothes is all he thinks about Plus the thought of cigars going in his mouth
Don’t call me weak, because a movie can cost me a tear. I can be emotional, so to speak. But calling me weak, I don’t adhere.
My hand shakes as I write. Lines and curves. Quivering like a crisp leaf, as the calm before the storm dissipates. I have so. Many. Questions.
People expect me to be strong. Like the man with the long salt-and-pepper beard in his tan Volvo making his way across a bridge. He expects it to be sturdy, to take his weight, to avoid collapsing under all the pressure.
I’m not really sure who I am. There so much about me that is still unknown. So to stand there and say you understand me, I know you couldn’t be more wrong. I don’t understand you,
I'm running My feet are pounding against the surface I hear my heart beating in my ears My breath quickens as I am frantically trying to find a way out I'm Trapped by the walls within my head
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