Running in Circles


United States
41° 10' 7.3632" N, 73° 12' 41.9688" W

I'm running
My feet are pounding against the surface
I hear my heart beating in my ears
My breath quickens as I am frantically trying to find a way out
I'm Trapped by the walls within my head
Every turn is quick and smooth but always black
Nothing seems to have changed
The blackness closes in on me
Soon every frantic turn feels like I'm running into a wall
The next turn seems to hurt as much as the last
I'm scared, I whimper, I'm looking for a way out, I see a door
I'm beating my hands against a closed door
I cry out hoping for someone to hear me
Hoping its all a dream
But really as it all settles in I see that it's actually reality
It's worse than the anxiety and suffocation I feel
It's the real world and it waits for no one you are either in or out
I give up, I fail, I surrender, I have been defeated by the real world.


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