Yet Again

Im here again and wondering why

I keep on failing and falling down

I try so hard to make you happy

but in your sorrow, I will drown.


I hate who I am, who I have become

Im not good enough for anyone

I’m better at being alone

and it would all be better if my life was done


The blackened tears and the crying blood

pour from my body and cover my skin

I slice my arms and back and legs

to cut my fat till I am thin


Someday I will hit that purple vein

and end this poor excuse for a life

I am not sure why I haven’t followed through yet

with my plan to open myself with that knife


I am not pretty, kind, or sweet

I do not have talent, I am not unique

I blend to the wall and disappear forever

With each passing minute I grow more weak


Yet again, yet again



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