Growl of The Gods

Growl of the Gods- [Title provided by Bravo Blane]-Stella D’Vine

I sit there looking down, a permanent scowl upon my face.

I rip at the ground, my nails digging into the soft mud, pulling the grass out of the root.

Dirt accumulated underneath my nails look like little dark moons winking at me.


Growl of the Gods, is all I hear.

The thunder showering over my head in a sonic boom.

I clench my teeth with anger, wishing I could shout back.


I bow my head even closer to my knees, shutting my eyes.

Tears squeezing their way out the corners. I hate crying.

It makes me feel weak. They look at me with a smug.


That’s right, cry you stupid baby.

I can hear them yelling all the way from heaven.

The tears flow like a river and I don’t even hesitate to wipe them.

No sudden movements, I say.

The growl stops. I slowly put my head up and feel the slap across my cheek.

My head knocks back, thudding on the ground. I scream and shout in silence from the pain.


Laugh on the Gods, it shakes the earth.

I lay there hearing as there stomps fade away, afraid to move.

Afraid to touch my cheek, afraid of being afraid.

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