The Bloody Bow.


I don't like to fight,

And I dont like to hurt,

The pain you put me through

is leaving blood stains on my shirt.


I just want my home to be normal,

That is all that I ask,

It's time for me to leave now,

With whip lashes on my back.


I'm bleeding internally,

I have scars all over, 

I'm crying through the shame, 

And dying with blame, 

My one and only wish, 

Is for you to just be sober. 


I've got the tub full of water,

And the razor in my hand,

Slice after slice,

I hear God's nobel marching band.


Heart pounding,

Wrists throbbing,

The blood is not stopping,

Because I keep cutting.


Goodbye cruel world, 

God is calling me back to heaven now,

And its time for me to take

My last and final bow.

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OMG this poem is amazing. It's very depressing but there is so much powerful emotion in it. I am so sorry that you're in this situation. Please don't give up because people need and love you. Please read my poems and tell me what you think.

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