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An intoxicated man hit a woman's car when he decided to drive.She didn't die when her car was struck but her son didn't survive.She couldn't even attend her son's funeral because she was hospitalized.
When it came to compassion, God didn't show him any.He decided to drive his car after he had a few too many.He hit another car head on.He didn't survive, he is gone.
Kids not born with a syndrome, could still inherent trauma  A whole people over four  generations, treated like lower fauna   
I sit, watching him drink even though he’s wasted. Blotchy skin, red and damp, and the slick guitar strummed under slurring words.
i wish you would hold me  like you hold that glass bottle like its the only thing that can comfort you, the only thing that accepts you,  the only thing capable of keeping your demons at bay
Monastery monochrome, boom balloon machine, and oh, diamond rings and gutter bones. Marching up some mountain, with our aching planning.
I kickstarted your heart, Benz. Pushed your fetal blood in the right direction, connected your neurons. The foam in your infant lungs,  I turned that into oxygen.
  I was intoxicating wasn't I? I had such a combustible presence in your midst you couldn't handle any missteps  When I gave you a subtle kiss when I told you I could've loved you
a shed full of bottles, some empty, some sparing but a drop of umber syrup for a  thirsty traveler.    pots and pans had long stacked up
It started with pain in her bellyHer vision became blurryHer legs refused to listen to her mindThe pain, the physical painunbearableHer handsClumsybut not too clumsy to pour a drink
  A poem by: L.R.Joslin  
As a tribute to my dad now one year clean. To the bottom I go When I’ll be back, I don’t know I get lost on the way To a place I’ll stay
I wish this wasn’t something in my life But when someone else does it, it becomes my strife. You crack another can open; I feel it cut into my soul. I won’t keep the sorrow unspoken; dying must be your goal.
he wears a too-wide grin as honeydew skin turns crimson freckles spread across his face like stars, his eyebrows try to escape into that carrot red hair laughing, squinting, stumbling to the beat of the soundtrack
You are worth more to me than bloody knuckles and purple bruises Because I love you, I won't You are more important than my foolish teenage desires for intimacy Because I love you, I won't May 23, 2013
she worried about him as his family drama drew his cigarette closer as the smoke filled his lungs, time kept getting slower. as the aroma of nicotine filled the air, she could feel and smell his hurt and despair.
The wine I drank felt like it was spilling down the walls. I vomited harshly into my friend's toilet, reminding myself why I hate being in this position. My head pounds, my eyelids heavy.
I once asked my mother   I once asked my mother to stop drinking When she asked why, I warned her of the dangers it could bring.
“Can I have my idiot back?” The smell of stale beer, The stink of stupidity; They assault me.   “Can I have my idiot back?” The owner looks at me, Gestures to him, Forgets me.
Clinking ice tinks the glass   Fire water from fermented grain   Smooth liquid flows down past      Two fingers stack up on task   Soothing stomach tames   Rich flavor aged in cask     
Puff, Puff Inhale Puff, Puff  Inhale. Sip your whiskey,  how does it taste? Like the tears I've cried over your abandonment? Like the gravel I've paced back and forth on, 
There is a voice in the back of my skull that screams for release, That can only be found in a razor blade, or between your lips. If I pick and prod at my flesh enough I realize soon enough I can't feel anything,
The more I drink the more my mind becomes numb. I'll continue to pour this posion down my throat until I can forget your name. Until all of the thoughts of you running through my mind is gone.
Sitting here daydreamingAll the time my brain is…Scheming, scheming, scheming. Even given all I knowMy brain just wantsAnother go, another go Consequences do not deter me now It won't hurt, here's how Nothing can stop this trainMy addled alcoholic
I was pathetic.I was lost.I wasn’t me anymore…. because of you. I would indulge in..I would desperately seek.I would want…. alcohol because of you.
SilenceAll there ever wasAll there ever isI hope it won't always beSilenceBetween usAgainst usFor usIt's tortureDaysMonthsYears of silence at a timeI can't stand it anymore. 
one hit a bottle of jack i cannot breathe but my bones are laughing. my lungs struggle to keep up with my racing thoughts.
1. Get a job, hold on to it. I am not in the habit of buying liquor for other tummies besides my own.   2. Please, go to school. Get a degree. Smart people have a way of holding intelligently stupid drunk conversations.  
Day is not for drinking, drugging or dating. Night is for neglect, nicotine and nakedness. Revel in the rambunctousness, rabidness and release. Wake in the morning with
I wake up to armies marching and battling inside my head. It is all gunfire and dropping mortals, Men ducking for their lives, Commanding Officers yelling orders, And dying men screaming out for their mamas,
You came home late last night I noticed not because I waited for you but because when you're outside pounding on the door you were moaning your name
Always trying hard. Abusive devil drinks near. A senior I'll be .
baby, i drank a little something but i still can't get you out of my mind i drank a little something, just a little bit of wine. i drank a little something,  but i still can't find the right frame of mind.
I’m drinking on this rooftop patio; bitters and absolut and citrus and vodka and ginger, something sweet to mask the alcohol, on the rocks, maybe in a champagne glass.
What made her leave? Was it the broken bottles that collided with the broken bodies?   Was it the river that poured not only pain, but anger?   Or maybe it was the faceless child
Everyone says that college is all about drinking. That college  is all about sex.  They say college  is the time to party, 
Toast to a Park Bench   Everyone sees the alcoholic that is passed out on the same park bench every morning, rain or shine, even though some pretend that they don't.  
TOOK the KEYSBY MIRA WILDER 2014Hey pretty lady...how bout...just one more shotbut the sweet bar tenderat the end of the barsaid "man your wasted" andyou better get out"your 86'd
When day becomes night What's wrong becomes right Sin has no shame All wounds loose their pain The night of the wild Their howls to the sky Forgetting the day an unreachable high
The faint smell Of tobacco. That hated smell, Forever fused into Skin, sheets and Mind. Last night, Every flashing light Every piercing shriek Every bass note from the
bottoms up to this  broken heart for it, too, like this glass in  my hand, knows what its like to be emptied 
 Never been shown, what to do or to say,shown what is known, when I write and I play.My choices are my own, and my own they will stay,restricted to me, when I wake or I lay.
He couldn't put the bottle down,His sorrow was unrequited,His hands were unstable,And another shot soothed him,Comforted by the burn,A physical rather than mental hurt.
Remember the Night She went to that party, she took that first drink, She forgot about life, and drank the next drink.
Fakebook. Instastab in the heart. Subtweeter.   Real babies, Not dolls. Drinking beer, Not juice.   YOLO, swaggin' Getting turnt up. This generation
You said you loved me the most when you weren't sober.   I asked you
i called him last night it was 5:23 am the phone went to voicemail-he was sleeping because he had to work in the morning my friends tried to take the phone away from me
One too many times, I swallowed away the pain While all the time, you were buying my love and I am still overdosing, choking on you endlessly
Past is a flask Once filled and drunk, Now bare of its liquor Only the scent lingers on
I've never held a beverage to my lips I imagine beer tastes just like piss And I can't believe I'm sober as I'm saying this But I'm sure I've tasted intoxication.   You're just like the bottom of a bottle
The whispers that she hears as she walks out into the world today
You think you’ve moved onLike a bird taken flightBut I think of you moreLike a piece of debrisBroken and floating further and further awaySoon I won’t even be able to pull you back
Look at that cold damp bench         guess what  ? that’s my home A dagger to my heart that led me to this  
Ever feel like you were born in the wrong time?In a time where no one really thinks,and at every corner there comes a new crimeshouldn't it be time we worked out all of the kinks?Girls are getting pregnant
Lost. Drifting absently through a void, separating my adolescence from my truth. Fear snaps me out of my reverie.
I'm not addicted to the parties and the bottles I'm just addicted to having fun and looking like  a model Goin out with my girls  Hair did  Makeup on point Outfit skin tight 
I'm sick of the struggle.The uphill battle I constantly face.The decision on whether or not to stayor leave from this place.This poem won't even express it.
Why drink before you are aloud? Why smoke to feel happy? Why party with people you don"t like? Why be someone you aren't? I just don't understand me generation.
Four high schoolers, four athletes, four different ambitions.
I don't own a lot of things all i have are these set of strings i played my way through the southern streams
You say you didn't drink that much.No one tries to stop you. You take the keys and drive off. You didn't realize the light was red, you kept going. You wake up in the hospital, 
Feels like I'm going crazy  Can't let these thoughts take control over me Wanting a drink  Or a sense of pain I tell myself I need it  It started to become a daily routine  Happening for years
I’m sorry if it’s strange, but I don’t feel right And it’s taken me a while to figure out why. Now it’s hit me, I know why I feel so undone. I’m just not fighting anymore.
A tattooed anchor entwined in the symbol for infinity sits on her hip bone, which juts out like a cliff over her great barrier reef.
I thought that I was normalThe average teenagerWho stressed about the futureThat loomed on my horizonAnd watched Pixar moviesAnd had nerf gun warsBecause adulthood was waitingTo snatch my childhood up
Broken home Broken heart Torn from the inside out Just ripped apart ……………………………….. You’re behind my scars
Don't text and drive But that's for a car Text and bike? You already know   Bikes are useful to get around So are skateboards Which gets negative critic? The one you don't hold on to
   Wrap your fingers around the bottle, another sip,another swallow. Try to keep your shaking hands still, as you try to down the pills.    Welcome to the land of numb, nothing hurts,nothing's fun.
17 and scarred4 years of a hellGroup of friends to hardly none Drama spreading faster than wildfireKnives sharpened and reused on someone else's backBlame being pointed everywhere but the source
At the bottom of this drink, Having one more, to this I think. It only oppresses the past so much, It will never bring back your feel, or your touch. Instead its the temporary amnesia I seek,
It's always harder when your sober. you feel more out of control lost to the people around you.
Why I write, is so I can have an outlet. My lips are frozen, my voice is broken, I can't express how I feel because I- am softspoken. Why I write, is so I can vent.
hey daddy, it's me, you're little girl... I need to tell you something that will make you want to curl. I went to that party, it was right down the block, but I didn't bother telling you, I was distraught.
My face is broken; it can’t show emotion anymore. I didn’t smile enough, and I frowned for too long.
Hey Dylan, I’ve been here for you for a while now. But for 19 years straight, you’ve been nothing but a villain. Your love toward me, you disavow.   I didn’t do anything to deserve this. With each puff,
Fire, light, inhale. Breathe, obsorb the poison. Deep breath, obsorb the smoke. Feel The Addiction Take Over. Breathe, obsorb the pain. Deep breathe, obsorb the cancer. Feel The Addiction Take Over.
Oh when the drugs wear out and the crash kicks in painful glares pierce through yout thick skin and it all comes down  to who you are with in not who you try to be, just to fit in
present tense present tense present tense. when he vomits it gallops it leaps it ballerinas from his mouth. it is an off-yellow quicksilver gazelle.
He laid there in his bed Motionless, clinging to life by one single thread His memories reflecting through his eyes If only he had the chance to give one last goodbye So tired and broken, frail and worn out
Oops. I am not in love with you, But I have written too many poems With your names in all of the blank spaces To ignore this feeling.
She used to be an innocent girl But the devil has changed her Staring in a mirror The reflection is a stranger She yells out to God With tears running down her cheek Praying to become strong
The car is packed and you can't wait Off to college, brand new state. The drive was long but worth the ride, The world awaits when you arrive.
It is 1960 and there are two drinking fountains. Colored on the left, white on the right. A young black girl shuffles her feet forward slowly in line. They drag along the dirt and make lines in the ground.
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