I'm not addicted to the parties and the bottles

I'm just addicted to having fun and looking like  a model

Goin out with my girls 

Hair did 

Makeup on point

Outfit skin tight 

Finna drink like there ain't no tomorrow 

Loving the college life 

It's really bitter sweet

Hangover in the morning?

Nah not for me

Acting like I ain't got no worries

Under the influence 

Don't you understand that I gives no fucks about whats gonna happen tomorrow?

Just wanna dance 

Drop it Low to the floor

 Bring it back up 

Act a fool

There is no tomorrow

There was no today

Only tonight matters

That, and me getting my drink

Live Life to the fullest 

It's ok to have some fun

The turn up is real

Now, lets go have some fun


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