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You are my rock And I am Sisyphus. We share sizes and blue eyes; I am bound to you.   You are my rock, with a mind of shale you prise for the fool’s gold beneath; I return to you. 
You are my rock And I am Sisyphus. We share sizes and blue eyes; I am bound to you.   You are my rock, with a mind of shale you prise for the fool’s gold beneath; I return to you. 
Articulation of Thought Is A SKILL … Fa Sure … !!!!! And A TRUE Art Form When It Is Performed … !!! It's A Style That's Born From Taking Your Thoughts … From A PRIVATE Place Like Say Your Brain …
What A Shame ... What A Shame ... !!! You Like To Play Games And CLEARLY Like To SNIFF Cocaine ... !!! Why Let Your Brain Go Down The Drain Why Be Like THAT Babe PLEASE Explain ... !!!
Maaaannnn ... I don't give a fuck ... !!! People these days Like to ... Pass The Buck ... !!! Problems now appear cos' most live in fear ! but fears not my problem my position is clear !
When a fatherly figure dims by the growing load, drops of responsibility may unfold.   No time to play, no time waste,
When a fatherly figure dims by the growing load, drops of responsibility may unfold.   No time to play, no time waste,
For the first time I looked at her And saw that she was her own. Not just a mother but with Pain and worries Wearing her down.   We sat beside a hospital bed and
Her love is a warm and unconditional gift, I cherish her heart, knowing it’ll never shift.  She kisses me goodnight and tells me goodbye, Her voice is my favorite lullaby.  My heart ached when I had to leave, But I yearn for the phone calls that I
They say the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, But I have tried so hard to just be free. Trapped in the life that was killing me.
Life as a whole will never change, Our political system will never change, the brutality and fear will never change, that is life.  Life is a person who wants to do better, to be better.
Feed your righteous ignorance, Because you'd rather move in a thoughtless mass, A mess of mindless thoughts to pass, Like a hurricane void of common sense.   Than kiss the faces, those before you,
I'm happy because I live in falsity, i'm still happy because I reject reality,   Stuck in my childhood, My utopia Forgot the fact that, I had grown up   Someone, wake me up
He had the weight of the world on his shoulders, but the universe on his mind.  
She did not even know your last name She only knew you from Psych 101 If she only knew what was to come   Little conversations here and there She started to open up
Pinnocchio was the first, Geppetto and Geppetta's Happy Accident No one talks about Geppetta that much anymore 'Cuz she doesn't come around that much anymore  She was a good Wife and a good Mom
Take responsibility And get things done Stop talking about doing things Or else, procrastination will catch up with you in the long run Good thoughts and words Only mean so much
We have these hands; they give us power To pledge allegiance, to swing a sword To hold hands, to strike hands, to chain hands, to mend hands This is the power to manipulate our physical exterior with accuracy
It had taken my friends away, and now- it wanted to take me too.
I used to be free However, now I do see The chains bound to me
My Responsibility to America is to abide by her laws. My Responsibility to America is to take care of her elders. My Responsibility to America is to choose her leaders.
  I write from a place that holds secrets Sex, alcohol, drugs, you know what the deal is We all lock it away to get a taste of freedom
Come dearest, watching the walking flash My blue sky becomes a silvery ash Your sonorous taste of your way get brilliant As a lamp over Jesus is now touch become a garment of the resilient  
  What if I told you that poets were overrated? Someone who can only write when they’re sad, Or in love or in bliss or in need of desperate rent money, Is like a flower that only drinks from a tsunami.
I want to share a life lessonThat took me time to see:How choices make the world go roundAnd how it starts with me
I struggle constantly, just like everybody else. Eyeing myself in the mirror, I look plump in all of the places I shouldn't. I want to work out, but I've got other things on my list that I'd rather do.
What happens when a window becomes bare? Deprived of lonely security- Which normally was aided by dull, pitiful curtains, Will it survive the prodding of light infiltration?
What would I do without her?! I am what I am because of her I do what I can to be her Independent, positive, a walking heart She's too admirable to be true. Day by day
Skip after skip pressing forward and rewind, No not an old dvd, these buttons hold my favorite pastime Spotify premium, my one and only true love, holds the key to endless amounts of music
Love, I’ve made a mistake. A graven error Fit to the terrors And tremors befitting the quakes.   For me, the buildings are falling
The order of the day. Trying hard to change, While I can still play. Hoping I’m still in range, So as not to miss the way.   There’s so much I can do, So won’t settle for average.
Behind the smooth talker and the wise cracker
I am confident and inquisitive.
Where does your alliance lie?Will you pledge alliegance or will you defy as I?The rebellion, hellion, deviant manical child,not willing to be spied on riding a spider wild,
Who is most infallible? Perhaps it is Alexander the Great, The man who owned the world, Feared by all Subject to none.   After 4 years I too will take the world by storm,
On December 2004 I became a big brotherTherefore, I had to start helping my mother.
crazy that a 14 year old is too young to make choices but old enough to take responsibility   crazy that a 15 year old is not able to control his tongue
An evening glow arrays the luminous pines, A banded forest stained with a velvet wine. The brook speaks too much but says nothing at all, Babbling a tune with each harmonious fall.
 My Sisters are Pesky and hilarious You cannot have them  
To avoid the darkness Nature is my happiness  The trees, they shiver cold  But now I have something to hold    The sun fills my eyes instead of cries Water flows feel like my hair
I hide behind no curtain, for it has been ripped from its batten. Red velvet lays athwart the stage, The outskirts are populous with my peers. My soul lays bare and there is no turning back. Here I am,
My friends don’t know it, And I can never say.   Because when their world come tumbling down, I’m there. And if not me then someone. Always.   I’m grown up and strong,
Lullabies sung in the wind,
Hear the butterflies beating their blue wings; beautiful and sad.  Listen to the wind shut your eyes
Smoke clogs her lungs and makes it hard to breathe Cough, cough she tries to hard Her tears dry up as her children beg Her to give them more but nobody listens to Her needs, to Her pleads
I told you because you asked, And I asked you not to tell anyone.   It dosen't matter what I told you, Wheather I'm sick or not, The problem is You went and told God and everyone
I take care of 7 kids but I don't have a child of my own. At age 18, I am a mother. I supply a heart and a home.
I'm not really a pessimist, Though it might seem so here. I really am an optimist With a couple fears.   I want everyone to be happy, And I sure know they're not.
I am stuck in a very confined place Where there are decisions I need to make But no one can understand my true face As I proclaim out loud “it’s a piece of cake” With these thoughts my head spins frantically
Pressing in from all sides anxieties, responsibilities must does and duty the to do list on the fridge the daily remainders and refrains keep the family together go to first job
“Everything that needs to be done Is the responsibility of everyone capable of doing it,” I say. I start my day Reminding myself that the only way to live Is to give everything I have Everything I can
Have you ever, Taken a step back for the gratitude of your own work. Taken a step back, For the appreciation of the piers. For a wider look on the world, A look that digs underneath false notifications.
What is society To you and me? No, What is society? You and me.   Socius, societas, society. Comrade, friend, ally. How far we have come.  
For a year now, I've been free from high school. Or at least I thought I was free from its rule. For that year, I chose to be lazy and not do anything, Not even acknowledge my brother's engagement ring.
We’re the Problem             – Morgan Hubert   What, I ask, is the source of all our woe? It’s us (or course) We are the cause of all of our own trouble even as we blame it away
Tears, lies, gossip, and drama every day in my school... Rumors start simply because people think they're "cool". To stay out of it and avoid it is what I decide. I wouldn't want to be responsible
My computer is evil watch and see.
A girl is someone who  respects her ambitions  And works towards it A girl is someone who does what she is suppose to do A girl is someone who is responsible And does things according to how it should be done
Since the beginning I can remember; That red light on my little finger. That same light; I visualize. The sad look in my mother’s eyes, And the droning levels of my cries. It’s commencing.  
i see the host of the earth crowd and wonder why they all mill around living lives of mortal mistakes and lies that only end when a person dies
When my hips make like prayer books, and I have a son I will tell him: my father is weak but doctors mistake it for heart disease. Those doctors are fools. They don't know of the lack of childhood
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