"Pass The Buck" (Explicit !) ...Written by Big Virge 18/2/2005


United Kingdom

Maaaannnn ...
I don't give a fuck ... !!!

People these days
Like to ... Pass The Buck ... !!!

Problems now appear
cos' most live in fear !
but fears not my problem
my position is clear !

I know what i'm doing
but young people are moving
like new born deer

Many can't stand up
but still they sup
on every kind of
beer they're near !

Then come to work and posture
with vision still UnClEAR !!!

Systems THIS
and Systems THAT
These fools nowadays
really talk some crap !!!

They're lucky because
i'm tall and black
because if I was white
Believe Fo' REAL
they would get trapped !!!

They'd get directed OFF the map
with no way for them to come back !

I say this stuff
cos' work is rough
when dealing with
these chicks and chaps !

I hear these things
these days on trains

It seems that others
feel the drain
of colleagues who
can't take the strain !

But are the first
to dish out blame
for problems they
put in the frame !

They take this work thing for a game
when business deals go up in flames

They look bemused ???

Now ain't that lame !

Now if my name was David Blaine ?
These people wouldn't look the same !

They'd be like Clint
Without a name !

While I would Drift
on those High Plains !

and there is where
I would retain
my peace of mind
clear of the blind
who try to put me
.... "in a bind" .... !!!

with any excuse
that they can find
to clear themselves
leaving me behind !

Well this is where
they should beware !

My tactics are
Refined like wine

Not to drink
but here's the link

My train of thought
shows that I think
on how to leave them
on the brink !

NOT On The Virge
cos' that's for me
to lyrically splurge
Poetic words
that define the truth
to foolish herds !!!

cos' moves they make
Define Absurd ?

My vision's clear
while there's is BlUrrEd !

So with these words
do you concur ?

Or has this piece
left you like D'errrrrrr ... ???

I'll give you time
so please confer !

This is my challenge
try to balance
problems that you
face at work
cos' working with
Blame Culture Berks
could like the chicken
leave you ... JERKED ... !!!

while these Smart Alecks PANIC !
and then hit the streets just like The Manics !

This piece for me
has been TITANIC !

Like the struggles in my job
because my colleagues are messed up !

Folks this is why
I write this stuff
To STOP me slappin'
some fool up
who tried to say

"Big Virge messed up !"

when the truth is
their work's always duff !

which is why they try
to cover their arse !

Thinking that they're smart
and so are quick to ...

... "Pass The Buck" ...

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