18 going on 80

Tue, 07/22/2014 - 17:16 -- McPokie

I take care of 7 kids
but I don't have a child of my own.
At age 18, I am a mother.
I supply a heart and a home.

I never volunteered,
never raised my hand.
Already responsible,
Walking straight into sinking sand.

My friends depend on me
To act like a mother.
I have to keep them clean
And make sure they never suffer.

They party, doing what they want,
Never thinking of me.
I want to live and be fun!
I was never a nominee!

I drag them home
As they fall to the ground
Drunk for no good reason,
At me their parents are profound.

I will never be young and stupid,
I have missed that fun.
I grew up too fast,
I am done.

I wanted to be different,
But never did I want to be a parent.
I'm already 80
Finding enjoyment in detergent.

I have missed a part of life
And skipped right over.
Never knowing wild,
Stuck with an elderly composure.

I want to go back
I want to say no
Let me have fun!
Let me go!

For once I want to see
What its like to laugh
And have no responsibilities.
I want to do something draft.

I know its silly
Backwards from the norm
But it still hurts.
Don't be miss informed.

No one should go too fast
Missing laughs and ignoring safety
Please let me go back
And be 18 instead of 80.

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