Sun, 11/01/2015 - 05:47 -- Jelinkz

The order of the day.

Trying hard to change,

While I can still play.

Hoping I’m still in range,

So as not to miss the way.


There’s so much I can do,

So won’t settle for average.

Instead of rue,

My life I must salvage;

Then greatness I must woo.


Success, really can be sweet,

Happiness surely sweeter.

Failure I’ve had to greet,

Not just once, even twice would be better;

But despair, may I never meet.


“Oh another mistake”, I sighed,

The pain really intense.

The clarity after, really grand.

If mistake, you never experience,

You’ve never really tried.


Mistakes, not always failure,

Rather something new you may find.

Coming today to avert those of the future,

When lives are in your hand,

And no mistake you must ensure.

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Our world


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