I'm not really a pessimist,

Though it might seem so here.

I really am an optimist

With a couple fears.


I want everyone to be happy,

And I sure know they're not.

But they don't know why this is so

And guesses I have got.


I think what it comes down to

Is responsibility -

Too many don't have any,

And it is really key.


List' to this senario

I will to you discribe -

I'm not trying to discriminate,

I'm trying to reveal a lie.


This example for you -

A father up and left.

He doesn't want to bother

With his duty and the stress.


And this destroys the child -

Not always, to be sure,

But often both are empty,

And cannot find a cure.


The child grows up

Without her father,

Lacking the love which

Can be given by few others.


It is likely that this child,

Grown up, is still left yearning.

She throws herself at boys

In a way most concerning.


She might become

One of many teenage parents

Who arranges an abortion

And thinks that she's not errant.


She did not take the


That was caused by her free action

- I said it was the key.


Growing up with


All around a person

Makes it really hard to see


That quite a lot of cases

Of irresponsibility

Have quite a lot of impact

On everyone, you see.


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