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United States
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i see the host of the earth crowd
and wonder why they all mill around
living lives of mortal mistakes and lies
that only end when a person dies

They take what they Think they want Blindly,
Never looking past their very noses
To See the senseless consequences clearly
that will haunt until the eye closes

i see the host of the earth crowd
to those whose schemes viciously abound
following their offence in Ignorance
to Beyond the point of Repentance.

In them a rash, feckless Arrogance
what they Demand—though Never earning,
is possessions, pride From gross Innocence—
Bind them to a life with no happy ending

i see the host of the earth crowd
to those whose Works not endowed
are coveted with a hideous desire
Born From Easy Idleness most dire

To A Death Of Mind And Body


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