We're the Problem


We’re the Problem

            – Morgan Hubert


What, I ask, is the source of all our woe?

It’s us (or course)

We are the cause of all of our own trouble

even as we blame it away

on other people’s misbehavior.

– never on our own



If we all exited the stage, the world

would still spin

exactly as it would if we were still here

albeit, still as damaged as when we last left it.



Had I the God-like ability to compel change

and thereby bend the universe to my whim,

there is no doubt whatsoever

that I would take advantage of it


to obliterate from the world

not us



On consideration, I would


our infantile delusion

that all of our woes all stem from external causation

and not from within ourselves.



That we might, then

assess our sea of troubles

and, as horde of insufferable individualists,

each take up metaphorical arms

with which to begin correcting

that trouble that we, ourselves, have made manifest

If our troubles are the product of our own hands,

then it follows


that our collective redemption

must also be

the product of our own hands.


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