Duty, Responsibility

Mon, 05/19/2014 - 21:25 -- Myther

Pressing in from all sides

anxieties, responsibilities

must does

and duty

the to do list on the fridge

the daily remainders

and refrains

keep the family together

go to first job

go to second job

clean, cook


go to school


volunteer here

do this

and do that

your day off?

can you take me here,

organize this

make that

call them

pick up her

wash this

work second job

work first job

go to school

try to keep family together

not enough for me

and too much for everyone else

I have no bits of me left

except my one refuge

but even that is seldom

very rarely can I struggle to go meet

for responsibility


that damn to do list on the fridge

when I cry

it is never within sight

and far away from my one comfort zone

I am powerless

I own only a small pick

to work at my great chain

I fear my fingers, arms and heart

will stop their work

long before I dent that chain

that I no longer see the end of



two jobs


keep the family together



may be the words that break me.



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