Love, I’ve made a mistake.

A graven error

Fit to the terrors

And tremors befitting the quakes.


For me, the buildings are falling

Squishing and crunching

Those old biddies brunching.

I thought I’d find the sound appalling.


Yet I’m applauding.


I thought I’d fear that crashing sound

When manic grins alight young chins

As they divulge to pillaging sins

And their shamelessness abounds.


My dear, to hear that thunderous roar

For the first time and perchance the last

Was quite the happy happenstance

That I’ll treasure forever more.


For as I saw them tumble down

A lady hoped to save my youth

From a death she found, for young, uncouth

‘Till I, in rubble, drowned.


My love, I cannot drown.

So pull me up and shake me down.


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Our world
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