Her Rights Aren't There

Tue, 10/30/2018 - 12:26 -- njs14d

She did not even know your last name

She only knew you from Psych 101

If she only knew what was to come


Little conversations here and there

She started to open up

She did not think she had to be scared


You invited her to your frat party

She showed up

Your brothers dared you to man up


You slipped something into her drink

She trusted you so she took the cup

A little drink never hurt anyone


She started feeling funny

You took her upstairs

You violated her unconscious, how do you dare


She woke up the next morning

With faint flashbacks from the night before

How did this happen, why did he do this


After she escaped the house

She went home and told a friend

The friend called the cops


She told the cops she knew who did it

We had class together

He invited me to the party


She was questioned

What were you wearing

Did you drink too much


She does not quite remember

But why should this matter

Something happened against my will


The police arrested him

He got out on bond

She did not know this until class Wednesday morning


How is he here?

She feels unsafe

She went home in hopes of being okay


She called the courthouse

Why is he here?

Because of his right to bond


She wondered if she had rights

She was the one who was victimized

She did not even know what happened after he was arrested


The informant explained 

There are not rights available to victims under our constitution

She thought her offender had more rights than she


How could this be

And he denies the whole thing

What does this mean


The trial is 5 months away

The semester just began

She has to see his face everyday


Why is she not as important as he

He is the one who did this to her

What can she do but wait

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