It All Starts With Me

I want to share a life lesson
That took me time to see:
How choices make the world go round
And how it starts with me

I can choose to be successful
Or I can choose to fail
I can choose to hurt others
Or I can choose to heal

I can start an addiction
Or start my self-respect
I can choose to serve others
Or I can choose neglect

I can choose sickness
Or I can choose health
I can choose dirty money
Or wholesome earned wealth

I can choose to change the world
From little seeds I sow
Or I can choose to be
The next sentenced to Death Row

I can choose, I can choose,
Do you understand?
Every choice that we all make
Deciphers good and bad

Wrong can come from what you choose
But also right, you see
If our fathers did not choose to fight
Where would our country be?

Our choices seem so little
But what they do, they do;
Effecting choices others make
That come back effecting you

Effects like slavery,
Pain, hatred and fear
Bad you see in news reports
But also the good you hear

Good like freedom, healing,
Peace, love and faith,
Self-control, respect and honor
Your children home and safe

So the next time you make a choice
Look around and see
How choices make the world go round
Because it all starts with me

It all starts with me

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Our world
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Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! Please never stop expressing from the heart. Continue the journey of poetry. 

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