Become a Real Boy

Pinnocchio was the first, Geppetto and Geppetta's Happy Accident

No one talks about Geppetta that much anymore

'Cuz she doesn't come around that much anymore 

She was a good Wife and a good Mom

But Pinnocchio found out nothing good can last forever 

And he was just an Accident after that


Geppetto was a hard worker, with goals of bread for his family and wine for himself

But a hard worker isn't always a good father, and goals of wine can make you forget that

That would have made Pinnocchio sad, but he was too busy taking care of his brothers and sister


All Pinnocchio wanted was to be a real boy

To make Geppetto proud

For his bothers and sister to have somone to look up to 

He wasn't mischievous, but he was a fool

And the only person he lied to was himself

Still, it explains why he always messed up and why his nose was so damn big


But Pinnocchio kept a level head

And he didn't let the wood-rot show

Except one time, when he thought he found his fairy

He let her see the rot, and all the pain

She was the first to see the shell he had become

And it was okay, 'cuz she was made of wood just like him

And it was okay, 'cuz she had pain just like him

Who knew wooden people could still love? 

But Pinnocchio found out nothing good can last forever

His rot would show too often, and she wasn't happy with him anymore


Pinnocchio still wants to be a real boy

Even though he doesn't know how to become one

'Cuz Geppetto can only teach him how to become a real man

With goals of bread and wine

And that scares him 

And Geppetta, no one talks about her anymore 

How can he set an example for his brothers and sister? 

When he needs an example for himself


Pinnochio knows nothing good can last forever.

But couldn't they just have lasted a little longer? 

'Cuz with all the rot and the hollowness and the pain,

He might not. 








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