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  Blue skies after a storm blows away; blue eyes trying to keep the tears at bay.  You’re all on your own, a burden to those around you.  They push you down, and you can never pull yourself back up. 
I am thankful for the clothes on my back thru this chilling season,For the roof over my head and comfortable bed,For the plenty of food that keeps my tummy full,
Space is coolest in my mind, We are ever searching, And who know's what we'll find?   To be an explorer is my wish, to see supernovas, pulsars,  and even Pieces the Fish.  
He was sad, So was she She lost Everyone, So did he They cried and wept, Coped and fought they commited crimes and were caught Behind bars they then sat Cried no more wept no more
Each day before they parted they told her,“Remember”.So she did,she remembered,keeping their facesnext to her heartand listening to their voicesin the silence of her mind.
I never thought that I could feel this way I never really searched for this feeling - None worthy to share it with anyway But I stumbled on it, now I’m tingling
She washes away I see her wasting away I try to catch her, But I know she's gone It eats away at her body, day by day I can't help know she feels alone "WHY!?" I scream No one answers me
How was I to know? I never learned what would happen. I was told that if I did not do it, I would not need to know the rest. How could I have suspected, that there was poison in my drink
Like Jupiter, his face always features at least one giant red spot And Saturn's rings have found a second home beneath his eyes The stifling clouds of Venus emanate from his throat
The whole world is screaming Everyone has an answer and none of them are correct It’s a mass of conflicting ideals of religion and politics and argumentative tones
The first love poem Inscribed on a clay tablet By Sumerians Does not speak of Candy hearts or kisses or Perfumed nothings That make your heart beat and your Cheeks flush hotly red.
  Your skin so soft. Your love so hard. I am forever a student of your teachings. and until your last breath I will love you. and forever after.    Words could never do your beauty justice.
mind is on hold heart is in fast-forward words were once all I needed to hear now I need a proclamation a declaration from you to me make me your everything desire at will your power, your love
Lost is the lady bee in the apple tree Drawn to the nature without a mother Carrying only a bit of poison to protect herself Looking for the soft petals of security
Back in 1776, when America was formed Being held by the goverment was never-more. Free to do as we wish, to keep power in our hand And with that dream we built a grand country across this land  
Into the den of the wicked blackbird and past my less fortunate peers, I arrived in an orchard humming with growth and the beauty I no longer possessed.  
Hundreds of years have passed in thee, Not only by white but the red shed with scream. We fight for our freedom and now it's my turn. I am the future of this place.
Loneliness isn't a weapon Yet it causes pain to stir. Loneliness isn't contagious Yet it's exposed in almost all. Loneliness isn't difficult Yet it's seems hard to solve.
Nevertheless the sweat drip drip dripping From the anaerobic exercise Of running while holding the sparkling Red in your gut Serial killers relentless as they appear But hide between their crotch
Death has no jurisdiction Death is everywhere in every state in every nation Death does not seek gratification for it knows no emotion Death strikes with no warning or hesitation
Raw Emotions can spill onto a page without making a sound Which brings the greatest sense of freedom (I’ll ever allow) ‘Cause some things should Never be spoken (aloud)
I'm trying I'm trying I swear that I am But my life is in pieces I don't give a damn Yes I know it's unhealthy Yes I know I could die I'm told that I'm pretty But that last one's a lie
I needed it. Release. You know, let go. Be gone. Release. Where was this magnanimous means that would submerge my problems Flush out my feelings Bequeath my body with boldness
They promise so much Yet give so little They promise a shoulder Onto which you cry They promise an ear Into which YOU would never lie.
In the field where we once played, Fairy flowers softly swayed, But when breeze and blossoms met, Like false friends, they fell away. So did all my dreams for us When a whisper slayed our trust.
Often, in unmemorable moments when life is nearly normal, I glimpse your features in the face of a stranger; hear echos of songs we sang together; smell your familiar fragrance
Do you write because you like the way that people look at you when you say, proudly, I am a poet or is it because there is a girl or a boy (or anyone) in your life that you want to hear your insides,
I was whole, once. At least I think so. Just because I can't remember not feeling like a mixed up jig-saw puzzle doesn't mean I wasn't ever a complete entire unit... Right? Or maybe I'm wrong.
I'm buried deep in the ground, No entropy, no sound. Just the beat of my own heart, the metronome of my restart.
shove it into a corner and push it away the voice that eerily chimes his name Squeeze your eyes shut and leap away- you can't face another day run through a corridor- frozen in time
The inseparable bond just disappeared into thin air, As if it never existed to begin with. But wait, flashback: weekend after weekend , we'd ride the metro to D.C. or go see a movie. We'd talk, we'd laugh, we'd have a good time.
“If the world was my classroom, what would I teach a girl?” I would teach her to always be herself, No matter what the world says, “If the world was my classroom, what would I teach a girl?”
There is beauty at the bay And as the waves crest You need to blow your sorrow away. When they crash, feel the spray And enjoy the sun set to the west That’s what grandma would say.
Maybe it was the black mold that killed me. The kind that stares at you from the bathroom walls or perhaps it was the broken sink, Exposed at the seams, inviting in bugs that
I concur. If it's against my religion, it should be illegal. And while we're passing laws, let's make divorce illegal, and premarital sex, and tattoos and drugs and alcohol
As I slowly count the clouds float across the lifeless clear blue sky I see the distress grow in her eyes. It consumes all the she sees. Everything she had vanished Gone, in a heartbeat.
In a world of Bigs Live the littlest of all, With the biggest of hearts yet are just this much tall
)My freedom is not free Others who came before me Worked for what I have Not to be taken for granted I am standing firmly planted My eye is on the prize Freedom is not Free
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Talk about atrocities in a world of animosity, focused on the bureaucracy and ignoring the humanity, the insanity in doing the same thing again, the worlds fucked now cuz it was fucked then,
Hunger over here Hunger over there Hunger everywhere My eyes lie when I look away My heart beats as I drive away Anything helps is what they say
Birds are free. They soar the skies endlessly. I can only feel recognition for the one in the cage. Alone and depending on the hand that feeds it. I'm the one locked in the cage
DO you CHOOSE you're own path or does FATE run the show? ..................................HAVE you ever met someone who CHOSE to be BORN with AIDS? .........have you ever met someone who was DESTINED to become PRESIDENT?
I am searching for someone. Who will love me for who I am. Not love me for who they want me to be. My heart is extremely fragile As fragile as a piece of glass And I am searching for love
On the outside, I may look normal, Just like all the rest. But inside, I am hurting, My heart tearing in two, From the voices in my mind, That tell me what to do. I can’t escape their orders,
The thoughts are often, the thoughts are deep, the feelings are overwhelming, she can't even sleep; her wrists are full of cuts, but her stomach is empty, when she turns off the lights,
Running through the striped tunnel, its a long way. You can't stop running, that's your life goin on. But you'll stop, just this once Turn around. the walls have photos, frames of your life, glimpses of your past.
Dedicated to the man whose quest for wanderers caused him to question that term's definition. ---
In the light we see darkness In the darkness we see light But what light?
Why can't I think of something to write? I've been at it day and night, But nothing really comes to mind. The Muse of late's been most unkind In leaving me in this irksome plight.
Long passed are the four-score and seven years of our nation's founding. Not so distant was a time of our dominance. A time was not so long ago were we the world's sanctum.
What is this thing floating in my ocean? It bobs with the wave, like a bird See the way it behaves It is not alive Is it a toy for me? Is it for play? It smells of the ocean spray It is different
I am running, Forever it seems, From a past I am running from memories Memories that cause pain Memories that I wish had never happened
Every time I hose down the fire, I turn around to find you throwing gasoline into the embers. Then, you point your finger at me for not being able to completely put out the fire. You sit back waiting, watching the flames go up
The only thing I'm good at is being banged in bed sheets over the head Bodies touch emotions would rush but there's none No passion no good reason or ration Just for money to blow, a high rate hoe
Am I my ancestors who fought for freedom Am I next to the throne of our unclaimed kingdom Am I the fear, sorrow, hurt or pain Am I the silver lining after the rain Who am I?
I’ve got so many pictures and so many thoughts. Oh I’m so blue, there’s just so much to do! I’m scrolling towards infinity. Should I reblog it, queue it, or like it? Should I post a picture, a video, or a blog?
To be at the top, you dont have to be hot. You may be hot, but what not? A lack of knowledge Knowledge is Power.
I am child Forced to be a man Told what to do Not able to choose I am a child Unwanted Unloved Why was I born?
Long, hot, glorious The summer stretches before us. Softly wisp'ring smooth summer breezes, Shorts, Tank Tops, Flip Flops. 4-H projects are unexplored mountains higher than the blue summer sky.
One long night after too many shots, my friends and I crossed the train tracks. We were headed back to the apartments and couldn’t wait to rest.
The universe is expanding, everything moves away from Earth at an increasing rate. Earth is becoming more isolated, lonelier. There are 7 billion people on Earth, 361 million on the web. We are more connected than ever.
If I could wander these city paths with you forever That would be true eternal bliss Because the cars whizzing by, the skyscrapers tearing holes in the bright blue sky
See me at the doorway, The division between the Dark and the Divine. Insecurely, I inch toward my Immanuel While puddles collect at the foot of the Father, Being bottled up one by one. My I Am.
I love when poems rhyme It reminds me of a better time I was young, the world was bright Playing house, telling moons goodnight But as I grew, the world grew too
I gaze at his eyes, a color I don’t recall; forgetful in love.
Today I dressed in all pink because I made the mistake of leaning in close to the mirror. I SAW my enlarged extremities, and the forced eruption
It’s smooth, curvy, and cold to the touch, It’s an unimaginable feeling that escapes in an instant Because one day it’s there, the next day—gone. Only eagle eyes spot it; Only the earth knows its hiding place.
The war was caused by visionaries Looking for a better future, But one can only wonder - Was this the society they had in mind? Their war scarred my people with its devastating aftermath,
I've never met Prince Charming Never had a "noble knight" I am my own stability I've been my only light You've killed me with your lack of words I've suffocated in neglect
Life, what is it that you cant do to me. What lessons, what fate is there that you are dying to show me. My hearts stopped, my mind is froze, my legs are locked so do your worse to me.
She's standing there as the leaves begin to fall, Memories flashing through her head blurring all. She looks around and begins to see who it was she use to be.
And suddenly it hits me like a punch in the gut that I can BE all these beautiful things I read: I can cut off my hair and wear fishnet stockings and clomp around in big black boots and I
In the mind of my mother dishes are cleaned and neatly stacked all on her account. His dress shirts are washed and neatly pressed in great, abundant amounts. In the mind of me
There are faces swimming in your vision Memories you'd much rather forget Nightmares in the daytime Tears you always regret They taunt you with their freedom The injustice of reality
At a young age, maybe seven, I had a connection with the main character of a children's cartoon show, Dexter's Laboratory; both he and I enjoyed the thrill of invention.
Cause if I sit here and think of the fact that you used me, confused me, I’d lose me. But screw that I don’t think I act, matter of fact I’ll leave so quick you won’t feel no impact.
when we say No most others consider it an Invite when we push Away they all thing we are Pulling when we Refuse they ignore our Words when we voice our Rights they call us Names
Will. It bends It creaks It pleads not to break. You work You struggle You move. Will. Can’t see it Can’t touch it Can’t smell it. You breath You laugh You shiver. Will.
  I find it much more difficult to write To tap tap tap into my own mind To indulge my words and to delight In the soft and sweet poetic kind   A man I knew, or did one time
(CHIME – rings the bell) Have you any plan for after tonight? (CHIME – rings the bell) Have you any bed to take slumber till morn comes? (CHIME – rings the bell)
Now Hollywood wants to make you think they know what love is. But I'm a tell you what true love is. Love is not what you see in the movies. Its not the ecstasy, its not what you see in that scene
The first time he tried to teach me to drive stick I crumbled over the steering wheel chest heaving as though an earthquake had pried open my ribcage, my lungs having too much space to breathe.
A mother's journey is the journey of life of nature or nurture of happiness and of sadness.
I feel like, every black teen wanna be the next big hooper And if they don't make it, they feel like they've been Kama Sutra'd Some play overseas for a backup plan
It begins when The innocence of white Flirts with a tease of pink. A white dove Grows strawberry lips. And soon comes the thirst. The passion. A rosy cheek And burning tongue
The way it read, “Poetry Slam”, made it sound so violent I liked to think the artistic community was more refined than the MMA fighters slamming each other with folding chairs
Do we ever take the time to consider? How, someway, we ended up in this place The greater part of the world is bitter, While we seem to stand still at our own pace. We went through our lives believing in this
“One step at a time,” she says to me. “Just a few more steps and you’ll be free.” As she speaks we draw closer to the roaring sea, and I wonder what this woman could want me to see.
What does the future ask of us? What does it have to say? About all the mistakes we are about to make, are making, will have made?
The world was getting heavy As he lingered me a wink I knew that it was wrong But I didn’t stop to think
Tear ducts have rusted, Oxidized for too long. A speck of water remains, Unabashed by nature’s ways. A diamond presents itself. To marvel at its beauty is ignorant, To marvel through its beauty is luck.
What I hear is not aggravating but pleasing the way she is played She gives my heart a beat and has me loving the way She sings the melody to her rhythm I then tune in and listen to the sweet chords that she’s “givin”
Here you go, stuck in the undertoe. This isn't a beach, though, but a life. Flail your arms about and you may get out. Don't do it and you will become your own foe
I live in A parking lot In the quiet corner of rosemary hill I am guided and parked always 27 lines down from the first spot Which makes my space the 14th of the lot But I am not very particular about this
What happens to the dream When it becomes reality? Where does the dream go? Will I just come up with another dream To replace the old dream's empty spot Like a shark replaces its teeth?
You're sad but... think about this, nothing would be the same if you didn’t exist.
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