Love Transcends All

I concur.
If it's against my religion,
it should be illegal.
And while we're passing laws,
let's make divorce illegal,
and premarital sex,
and tattoos
and drugs
and alcohol
and everything.
Since we're discriminating,
let's enforce the patriot act
and Arizona's immigration laws
because all Muslims are terrorists
and all Latinos, illegal.
Let's just turn back time completely.
Go back to an era
where women hung
and religious persecution
was the norm.
Because what is progress
if we cannot let go
of the peculiar institutions
of our great-grandparents?
I'll marry who I please.
Despite gender or
race or



I think your poem was very interesting and beautiful!!!!!


i truly love this poem,very relatable to my life. you rock!! 


This gave me chills!


I envy your ability to reference other things within your poetry. I've never been good at tying in other situations or relatable aspects of my theme into my poetry.



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