Playing Games

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 23:11 -- pbjamy

They promise so much
Yet give so little

They promise a shoulder
Onto which you cry

They promise an ear
Into which YOU would never lie.

They promise you advise
And we take it as if blind
To the narrow mindedness of the world
Which THESE people are a part of

They promise you happiness
That you receive through fake smiles

They promise you love
In which they let you drown

Until the reality of the world
Is just in your imagination

Until you're blinded by them
And you're a pawn in their game

You're a pawn
And he's the player

Playing till he wins
and then he'll get bored

The game, he'll get put up
Away in the closet

And you my little Barbie doll
Will think he still wants to play

But he's done playing games
....that is
With you anyway.....



I can relate to this a little, but I hope no guy ever does that to me.

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