There goes my baby

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 02:21 -- Ceekenz


United States
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The only thing I'm good at is being banged in bed sheets over the head
Bodies touch emotions would rush but there's none
No passion
no good reason or ration
Just for money to blow, a high rate hoe
Fuck guys for bank
Say fuck it go to parites to drank but being frank Only reason I do it is to have my mind go blank
Blank away the pain
Blank away the tears
And the depression that's been haunting me for years
Drink away my wrongs
Bitch take off that thong
But I'm more than that

Guess i'm just not brave enough
Wanna rid the lust and stop saying the bluff
that I'm okay
That I'm alright

Truth is I'm far from it.

Best friend and lover
only few months but it was like no other
But knowing me I smothered so obsessively
Dad was a drunk so I jumped at anyone who said they would take care of me.

Unborn baby girl small hands and feet
Never got to see a day or have mommy put her to sleep
No big deal he said its not even a baby
Baby I said who are you to say?
But he was my all soon did I fall for his laugh, his charm and his wit
The guy who thinks he can't handle this kid

For his future I made the decision
Signed shitloads of papers and sooner or later was questioning my religion

Would she make it to heaven? My little angel who I came to love, I cried the night before, held my belly and called help to above

Please let this be a dream I cried, but the next morning I was on an IV
lied on the cold metal
Nurse held me down so I could settle
Blackness appeared my heart felt sheared

Every time my eyes opened during I tried screaming 'dont!'. But everytime i tried nothing could get out of my throat. Not a whimper, nor a squeak. That was when i felt the most weak.

There goes my baby I thought
There goes my baby

And every day I think about you baby
Who you would've looked like, me or your daddy
been a quiet kid or been kinda chatty
There's so many things I wonder it puts me under,
under sadness; the blues
Keep on thinking about little cute shoes I'd buy if you were still mine.

You would've met me last month, right near valentines day, and you know mommy would've been your valentine because you're mine and baby trust I love you like no other.
These are the hardships of a wouldve been mother.



You spoke to me with this poem its awesome

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