Is America, America?


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Back in 1776, when America was formed

Being held by the goverment was never-more.

Free to do as we wish, to keep power in our hand

And with that dream we built a grand country across this land


But recently with todays goverment adding so many laws

And so many things in congress with lots of flaws

I think that our country has taken a wrong turn

Towards a future that gives me a great amount of concern.


Have we lost sight in whats the American dream

To be the home of the brave, land of the free?

Do we need to look back upon the past

To realize whats going to happen quite fast?


I hope that we can live up to our name

So our fore-fathers can say we stayed the same

Is America, America? Is it like how it used to be?

Or is it something else that I don't want to see?


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