America the Beautiful

Talk about atrocities in a world of animosity,
focused on the bureaucracy and ignoring the humanity,
the insanity in doing the same thing again,
the worlds fucked now cuz it was fucked then,
like minded humans lead us to our ruin.
Intertwined, rewind the time and let your mind
climb to the top of my rhyme jump or and realize
it’s only but time til we die, the pursuit is true
what you find is false, meeting a man at a bar
hopping in is car, no ring, check the pocket
liars and cheats roam the first world streets
Assholes and creeps you go to them for keeps

Stuck in the friend zone, not like the end zone
here with a goal but without the pass to you in a hole
mentality static, emotions erratic, you do something rash
and now you’re causing a panic they cant stand it

From the hills of Beverley to Madison’s Square
Poetically crazed junkies inhale the haze
Your daze elapses days and your craze
Found in a small town in West Virginia’s hallways
He pumped a farewell into passers by and unto his self
an escape-ful lie. To the mothers in Florida out with the crows
to the absence of children waste management controls
Mentor’s in Washington bi parted on gays, there judgment
is swinging a door both ways. Red blue green color your screen
Red and blue and absent of green. The streets are filled hip and crazed
drunkards escape the capitalistic phase. In a washer we wash children in panic
no longer responsible for the being a parent. The screech and chatter, explosions and splatter, the forces are scattered, away from what matters
Home in tatters and teeth a-chattering streets filled with fold up beds and unkept heads of former heads of reflective towers of light the gods we trusted must have wanted. E pluribus unum, my veins leave me so numb, the masses succumb to media scum.

She stared at me, she stared at me, she stared at me, at me she stared, empty eyed and past my presence. She stared she stared oh how she stared. Realizing the kept man unkept and bare. She turned off the moon and blew me stars, her trunk stuffed views from the backs of cars. Scars left invisible, she stares she stares, I glare she stares past my hairs. Introvert, Extrovert in and out in and out moan moan shout shout extrovert introvert eruption. Seduction in Penns woods his woods gone missing hoodlums in hoods. She left unwillingly dragged away by her mind in harmonic decay. she stared she stared at me when I was not there

The avenue of matter in clusters of things that don’t matter is where astronauts venture updating their news, liking scattered thoughts and blurbs ignorant turds, posting absurd word obscured by the word of whats heard from a herd of white collared shepherds. Imagination and creation lacking this nation lagging behind the summation of Asians. Space stations called Starbucks not funded by NASA, lunar landers and bystanders losing their titles.

Oh hue… oh man… oh men of hues divided we stand. Integrated we sit, segregated we think, a foul stink of the think of before paper and ink ended the control of the majority, yet called minority it’s time to report the court has misled us in short. Ethos, n. characteristic spirit of community, people or system. Merriam would be ashamed. Erotic boxes are now entertainment for kids allowed by parents ignorant as shit. Around Gaia mothers on Earth give birth as children looking for privilege in curse. M televised pregnant teens and your ABC’s capitalized on the scene.

We idolize blood suckers and shredders of flesh who howl at spheres of ambient light, controlling the tides of our future’s outlook. High and low. High yet low. Hi in hell and o. Oh why how broken this fixed world is. Transfixed on chloroflorocarbon’s and ignorant of our kids. Here just take this and go. I leave this here like your children you do not know.

Taking flights to places to escape where natives fly away to escape. No escape. Stuck within our stratosphere. Drop your problems and you are smear on the Times. Your fate sends you on a one way trip to the land of the free.

Aux reviour mon amis



Feel free to see what you need and believe in the lies untold, for the Man will hold, your soul, and sell it for gold.



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