Real Life

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If you're going to the same party I am, please don't ask where I'll be. I'll be wearing my revenge dress, dancing with a boy with blue hair or a girl with a nose ring, and you don't want to see that.
I Don’t Know what came over me Look what this had done to me It almost took over me It came close to me It used me
When I woke up today It didn't feel like it was in my bedroom  I was doomed  In a cage  But the keys are in my hands It's strange Am I afraid?  No, but they keep judging me And my pain
They say my writing is expansive It's alot to say When been through a life of tragedy And empty space The thoughts in my head you can never see Cause your never me Sometimes tears fall on these pages
In between I see it I don't know why But I need it I woke up in a cage But it's fine I was born in it In a lifeless room I was made from it Losing touch in the world Don't we all do?
What I write may sound deep But it's real life What I write may be critiqued But it's real life What pushes me to do this What motivates me to do this Pain did
It’s dedication This writing is more than the inauguration Of thoughts It’s like a therapy session for me In dark places It comes to me Brings me To higher places That I want to be
Why Why do I do this I new this Would hurt But the fact is I did this What's my problem I need a fix Or else I won't solve em I need to change this Take this, break this and bring this
This year I took myself by surprise But years ago my brother died before I said goodbye I still feel emotions and unbreakable tides Still, hear the cries and the unthinkable lies my lines are therapy for me
I woke up in this world Thinking it’s free Think it’s for me But is it really? They told me “you’ll understand when your older” I don’t really get that
Hey world I need help I'm losing it How can I do this I can't go through with this I'm losing it But I found it What I found I renowned it It came to me when pain said "Do it"
They asked what I am going through They asked what road am I heading to They think my life needs a redo They think the life that they live is for you They get mad when it won´t work for you
What do you feel when you hit success Can't trust these voices that come inside my head Well I feel success deep in my chest I'm glad that I passed the test
It's been a while since I put words on this page Seems my life is like a perfect stage Well that's what they say Cause I haven't been writing in decades
I'm back on the page again Yet again Writing about life and how it's been In the wheather in Storms of all levels Facing demons fighting devils But I'm on my level
What made me write this Youll never see But I cant hold this emotion Or else I'll lose me So i will rip it out of my chest And put it on this page I will not rest Here comes my voices
Real hard work It comes with a price You lose friends or you lose your mind It's waking up at 5 am Going out and starting your day  long before the other side of the world goes to bed for the night
What if Cinderella was actually a slave whose prince led her through the Underground Railroad? What if Aurora had social anxiety? What if Snow White had Dissociative Identity Disorder?
I don't believe in happily ever after. I don't believe in Santa. I don't believe in love. I didn't choose to be this way I didn't choose false hope. Ever since I was a child it was
I am wonderous, as is that fly in the kitchen.Filled with curiosity, but crushed when not welcomed.  
Editing my resume, searching for the buzzwords, what will leap off the page? “Tell me something about yourself.”   Where to start? I need a paycheck, I toiled for four years writing essays,
I remember watching a documentary with my brother and him asking, “It’s over already, where’s the happy ending?” Laughing, I said “Documentaries don’t always have happy endings”
Lonley Why do you not look at me? I am here. I am real. The possibility of friendship is right in front of you, but I'm the only one putting in effort. All the friends you claim to have do not truly care.
Today was different, I didn’t feel like I was drowning In a sea of my own tears.   The cold grip of shackles That encompassed me No longer bound me To regret or remorse.  
Each paddle on the rose tells a different story. Layer by layer pealed away til it show the seed. As the rose are beautiful and soft and smooth. Even help get you in the mood. The torns stick through its stem.
Silence so loud it screams in your ear Ringing inside your head like a never-ending screech Echoing through the mountains of your mind Muting the outside   Left alone inside your own mind
College? What does it mean?  A lot of experiences? A simple routine?   The first year living on campus is always quite something. You make friends, relationships,  And even some enemies. 
I went to school, I did my work.I tried and I learned everything I was supposed to.Now, here I am, in the real world.I'll be the first to tell you, I have no idea what to do.
I was three the first time i remember 
 lay on my bed crying until I had nothing left.
Here's what I do remember about this particular rape. 
I didn't want to, but I picked the glass up and took a sip.It was horrible and I told my father there was no way I could get this terrible tasting st
One day when I was 13 and in the 8th grade, I had gotten the stomache flu and had to stay home from school.
My father took his trusty knife, wrapped her hands around it and they slit that rabbits throat without a sound.
I started feeling really dizzy and nauseous and was crying so badly, I could barely see nor breath through the tears.
I don't remember what set this next incident off with my father, I just remember it was one of the things that showed me just how much of a psyco nut
Coming back from the dead was always a terrifying experience for me. I hated it almost as much as the dying.
I remember wondering if my father could hear my heart pounding, then realized it didn't matter.
Have you ever been in an accident or so near death that at that very moment, you thought your life was over?
She was a beautiful gleam of light –that last bit of gleaming sunset that strikes through the sky like the chiming ring of   a spoon on fine crystal. She was a lone dandelion seed floating on the breeze,
Passion, frustration, patience, love; These are things that fit me like a glove. Struggles, successes, challenges, goals; Sometimes I wish I could just hide in a hole! Determination, mistakes, laziness, work;
  my mind has several jobs right now, working in three positions, looking at the past, stationed in the present and plannin to be promoted in the future, I'm drunk,
I don’t know how I’m supposed to live in the real world When the ones in my head are perfect and this one is so far from it
There's a reason I have to plug in my iPod every time I venture out on a run by myself. 
I am on the edge holding to my... breath. My movements are slow... scattered...broken, smashed pain throbs--- My mind is thumping... blood, bled through me. My body is hurt.
She thought she was invincible 19 and young Invincible to the cops Invincible to the shots Invincible to a drive That took her down a road late one night She ran from the cops,
New cities             are built on the ashes of the old.   The ruins             caged away                         like a wild animal                         like they could get out.  
They think I'm happy But that's a lie A whirl of emotions trapped inside I have weak walls and when they're struck Sometimes I shed a tear. Or two. Or three.
You made who I am today and for that I hate you You made me see what others couldn’t dream You made me think I was nothing You made me sell coke every night
Brother and Sister; So close in heart And dear in soul. Only a moment Took one from the other With no villain to hunt.
I close my eyes, and understand, The only way a child can, To be beaten down with soap, and socks, I beg forgiveness, the paradox.  
shut them out, as I suffer to breathe Where are the words? Can we talk instead of scream? My opinion remains unheard   The violent escapade  on the frigid ground, I laid he charged at me, 
Blood flowed like a river to the drain. Sirens pierced the night stillness as my stretcher shook with unrelenting vibrato. CT scans delayed while fountains of crimson
He'll soon see Through your ways And finally know What I know You'll try and tell him it's ok And put on that phony show You'll make him believe it's all his fault
A smile that shone as bright as the sun, A laugh that keeps one going till the day is done, The girl that once walked with the confidence others dreamed of Now claims the blackened heart- now free of love.  
I don't how much more I can take. You're bending me until I break. You're making me get closer to the ledge. Soon I'll be falling off the edge. Hitting the ground. I will lose all sight and sound.
Let’s pause. Give it up for my boy Nas. The wizard of Oz From a fetus sucking His mama’s tatas, To stealing cars And breaking laws without cause. Call me the mamba.
This my dedication to Pac. I sizzle and pop like crack rock. It’s like Snoop Dogg walking Round the boondocks. This tune pops like something Outta an mc’s mixtape, With drugs, alcohol, and
If you really knew me. You wouldn't believe the words coming out my mouth. Because what you are about to hear is to cruel for a human ears. But i want dare tell a soul. Not because they didn’t ask.
If you really knew me. You wouldn't believe the words coming out my mouth. Because what you are about to hear is to cruel for a human ears. But i want dare tell a soul. Not because they didn’t ask.
When does trying to taste the rainbow, lead to tasting death? a man walks while one is burried, holding his head up as high as his gun did...
Do you, do you have a halo today Your day, your day was silence throughout A coffin painted black The home dressed with flowers  
Bullies don’t understand how I feel, They do not try to comfort, But instead, confidence they steal. All bullying seems to do is distort. My soul is burning, I need to run. To me it is concerning,
Father, don’t I look pretty? My mouth is sore and my tongue is gone. All I have is anger and love and I have smeared it on my lips and cheeks for you.
Welcome to the mind of the twisted minded Depression took him over, now he is blinded From what he can remember he was always depressed The only pride he carried was the hair on his chest
Why do I do what I do?They don't love me they don't respect me?Why do I care? 
  Rushing down the black glass road   I knew she should have slowed   Zooming around the curve   She lost control
Hey little child, why so sad?Did someone make you feel bad?Picking on you because of your looksOr just because you’re better than them?
Get up, and start a new day. Same things I'm just doing it in different ways. Waiting and waiting for something good and new to come. I can't continue like this if I'm not getting anything done.
You told me you loved me  You told me you cared You came in my life  And taired it in pairs  The bruises the confusion. You tried to break me, But you can't shake me
Telling your Brain not to Trust your Eyes Broken by Silence, Screaming so Loud Sounds of Fear, Touch of Pain Lies, in the end a Glorious Death Cutting of Flesh, Steal feels Divine
Potato chips are really good, Really good for me, But not for the guy who makes them. Working to satisfy my hunger, Never give a thought to who eats them, A hard job for him, an easy job for me.
I walk down the street With pain tearing my heart. It feels like I have a hole, pierced by a dart. It starts to rain.
One slip up on the mic And now your a clown A target for mockery and a face bright with shame Your career is a trap Every word criticized with the utmost ignorance waiting to be ended in a wrap
They claimed they saw the small thing with four legs, Like plant, it absorbs from its environment, It fell and wondered as its stares at tree of life,
Searching for things that I never had Guess my life really aint that bad If I get lost inside my head Numb this brain and leave me dead We'll go outside and have some fun Lay in the sun and make some love
In the beginning I walk, head held high. A b O
Life is new yet old Long but short Fresh yet covered in mold Judged by an unseen court Life is clear yet shrouded Calm but crazy You succeed yet you’re still doubted Active but lazy
Step, together, step, together. Five, six, seven, eight. Music in the room spread elegance like smoke. Soft footsteps caressed the floor as if it were fate. And her name was engraved in her clothes, sweat soaked
Bullying Is Wrong But Yet People Don't Care For It So Why Do I Care? Because I Was A Victim .....
I was to be in the middle holding both of your hands ….. to swing. childhood was hard for me was to understand .. leading me... to forever dream.. that one day... ..maybe someday on a Birthday,
Do you even know who I am, do you know that I exist You should get to know me, Please I do insist But you wont take the time to get to know me To you I'm no one, just a nameless nobody
Depression Dark black hurricane that sucks you in and suffocates you A shattered heart left on an abandoned road A gloomy rainstorm that never ceases
I closed my eyes when I was scared I closed my eyes so I couldn’t see I fell into a heavy sleep And I haven’t woken since
LIFE.... That long 4 letter word But why do I only see pain in them PAIN An even longer 4 letter word I'm grateful for life and the breaths that I take everyday
LIFE Such a small word with a lot of meaning An eclectic beauty or nightmare It depends on how your visionaries see it
empty, yeah that's what I feel. I'm different , can't you see? normal isn't me, BUT what is that? dictionary definitions define humans. why label? your life is a fable.
When riding down this road called "Life" you face a lot of choices. To attaining unparalleled success and fame; to helping each other find our voices.
snowflakes falling, all different shapes and sizes, like people: one of a kind, clumping together sometimes and falling alone at others. cutting wind blows right into my heart
You close the door and pull down the shades, The thoughts and feelings never fade. You put your hands over your ears, But even you can’t escape your darkest fears.
My hardships are untold; they remain in a locked safe hidden deep in the crevasses of my bosom. They fight to get out, kicking my arteries, whispering their poisonous and tainted secrets…
Despite hardships and lingering violence, residents imagine a new version of the ancient city I haven't returned to Baghdad to be a war tourist, attuning my eyes to the many long shadows cast by trauma
Words are the bullets but my mouth is the trigger. Test Me! Speak the cold truth and never a burning fire of a lie. This is who I Be I Am the Nine. The mindset of a Glock ready to cock back and release the painful truth.
(poems go herechool can be can be boring school can bring can bring enemies school can bring can bring Jake porter school can bring rules...but u can break them
"The darkness that hovers over me is horribly thick; it keeps me from feeling happiness, from hearing the cries of my own soul being broken from seeing the 'light' that shines on all Gods children, and yet I smile towards you.
"The darkness that hovers over me is horribly thick; it keeps me from feeling happiness, from hearing the cries of my own soul being broken from seeing the 'light' that shines on all Gods children, and yet I smile towards you.
I should like to be a ghost, drifting in time among the living to see what has become of myself in the hearts of others. Whether I am known or not known, lost to the ether in mind and body.
In the meadow we played. The wind picking up the lace trim on our white dresses The sun kissing our faces. You sang a sweet melody I followed with the harmony.
The words could never reach her hand. As hard as she tried, she could never put her thoughts on paper. They ran about, fleeting as a dove, whirling about like an autumn wind.
The Ballad of the Concordia They went on that ship, a seven day trip, to gaze at the sights, for all seven nights.
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