Girl Astray


A smile that shone as bright as the sun,

A laugh that keeps one going till the day is done,

The girl that once walked with the confidence others dreamed of

Now claims the blackened heart- now free of love.


It could have been the divorce or maybe even the loss of friends, 

But each time her heart died a little as no one attempted to make amends.

Maybe it was moving that shot her down 

Or the fact that she had to leave her beloved small-town.  


She never shed a single tear 

And soon, the warmth that once eminated, dissapeared. 

She always held that head high and gave that believable, fake smile.

However, inside she remained indignant and hostile.

One day soon she thought things would go her way.

And when that day came the light finally shone again as the skies changed to blue from grey. 


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