It's My Vent

This year I took myself by surprise
But years ago my brother died before I said goodbye
I still feel emotions and unbreakable tides
Still, hear the cries and the unthinkable lies
my lines are therapy for me
Copes with me
They forever will live with me
Do You think this is a perfect me

When I write I am in a good place
But I’m back down again
When fake friends show who they are
They lash down and then
When they read they say they are caring
They are really not
These pages are full of emotion
They say it’s not a lot
Thanks a lot
Cause you help put this message on how I feel
That when people don’t believe in you
And say you ain’t real

See I wonder
Do you care for me just for the lack of defenses
Or you care for me just for the percentage
It’s not about my writing level
It’s the real level
Like I said this ain’t from a school kid
It’s from a real kid
So get your lenses
And forget the percentage
If it’s real I meant it
If it’s not I never said it

So to the fakers out there
Who never cares
Take that mask off
And stop cutting downstairs
Well if it’s that deep
You got some problems yourself
But hurting others for help
Never Helps
You will learn when someone like you bring you down to hell

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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