Lyrical Activism

This my dedication to Pac.

I sizzle and pop like crack rock.

It’s like Snoop Dogg walking

Round the boondocks.

This tune pops like something

Outta an mc’s mixtape,

With drugs, alcohol, and

Some birthday cake.

Brenda’s got a new baby

Quite unfairly she was raped daily

By a local gangster named Larry.

But she had her sister Mary

Who bought toys and diapers

For all the little pipers.

You know she always did what

She could for the boys in the hood.

If she only understood.

A little baby playing with a soup ladle

In her cradle where she

Holding her momma’s dreidel.

Until her daddy took her up

To his place in Brooklyn

Had drugs he took in

While his girl was looking

Out the bars of her crib,

Wiping her eyes on her bib.

Life is the worst for the crack baby.

Growing up in a place

That’s kinda shady

Where everybody’s crazy

And the parents getting lazy.

Local niggas hanging out on the stoop,

Shooting hoops,

And stealing their pop’s coupe.

Driving down the streets blasting Run DMC.

Nothing like the hood with the streets empty.

There ain’t nothing like the old school.

Back when my adidas were cool

And we broke the rules.

Even though MLK was our teacher.

A martyr and a preacher

Representing the blacks.

He was a warm-hearted creature.

That’s just the way it is.

Niggaz busting open

Champagne with fizz.

15-year olds pregnant with twins

coz of their daddy’s jizz

Got me wondering how

She gonna raise those kids.

We operate with hypocrisy.

Walked thru the pharmacy.

They selling crack to me.

I’m trying to stay clean

But it ain’t always easy.

While daddy’s getting mean,

He’s feeling awful sleazy.

Get fucked up with

My fellow homies.

Drink away my troubles

When they got me feeling lonely.

I do this strictly for my niggaz.

Life is getting bigger

And crackers holding guns,

But they scared to pull the trigger.

Pac had many wonderful lines.

A lesson in every rhyme

And a rapper part-time.

Head of the activists,

A hero for the black kids,

And all the others who were landless,

But most were demandless.

Some say I’m headed

In an odd direction.

With my strange complexion,

I’m in the wrong section.

You need a brain correction

Coz this shit is badder

Than Tupac’s resurrection.

It’s perfection.








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