Hip Hop Lives On

Let’s pause.

Give it up for my boy Nas.

The wizard of Oz

From a fetus sucking

His mama’s tatas,

To stealing cars

And breaking laws without cause.

Call me the mamba.

Smoking ganja with Rihanna

While I’m sitting on her.

A body that the lord did bless.

A tight ass that was the best.

Strutting her stuff with

Supple breasts on her chest.

I’m immobilized.

She’s like a mobile prize

And a picture to make soldiers’ lives.

I’m out for dead fucking presidents

To represent me.

You’re neighborhood mc,

Quite friendly

With a bite that’s deadly.

So don’t mess, B.

Feelin’ a little testy

With other rappers.

They just ass tappers.

Spitting shit to make their ass fatter

And getting me a little madder.

I’m always involved in some sucka shit.

Another clip at my hip.

Ready for another hit.

I guess it was in the cards

That I would make it as a boss.

Organizing words like my baby girl,

Meanings lost as a little swirl.

The biggest horror in my world.

Fuck Jay

Even though we made it okay

And I’m still writing for days.

People call me weak for

Signing with Rocque Records.

I’ll forgive you for your smack

Coz I made it rock better.

My style was even wetter

When I sold the bestsellas.

Now Jay’s the king of hip hop

And he’s done rocking fellas.


Let’s go back in time

To when I used to commit crimes

And featured on Biggie’s rhymes.

I was a young blood,

Looked up to Big and Pac.

Now I watch the young guys talk.

They just waiting to get shot.

I had the lead,

Running in the streets with greed.

Screaming fuck the police

As I committed the deed.

Before any of you start

Fussing and bitching,

I’m experimenting with

Nas’ lines in the kitchen.

He had some good ones,

Pretty iconic.

My addiction is kinda chronic,


Ever since I had my first gin and tonic.

Easy to recall

Like a fuckin’ mnemonic.

I’m on it.

Boom a bomb blast

Killed everyone from my class.

Left me the only one to last.

Tryna forget the past, but

it’s kinda difficult.

My life is metaphysical.

No argument that

My style is empirical

And I’m lyrical.

Dawg I don’t need a fuckin’ miracle.

Kneel and kiss my ring.

Feel my sting.

Prepare for the end

Of this goddamn thing.

I’ve been patient

With this rap invasion,

But I’m feeling ancient.

No longer a sensation.

The world is doomed soon

As artists are using autotune.

I’m arriving soon,

Teaching the basics of hip hop.

I’m starving for some classic rock

With a little bee bop.

I’m trying to be a leader.

But since I was young,

I was nothing but an overachiever.

An optimistic believer,

A simple dreamer.

First time I opened my eyes,

I saw a lotta light.

Angels’ halos were a little tight.

I know I’m right

Coz I’m the messiah.

The savior.

Staying clean,

Controlling my behavior.

I ain’t asking for no favors.

Momma named me Nasir.

I was a little weird.

Chilled by myself

So kids thought I was queer.

I guess it’s just karma

That’s got my momma

Living lavishly

like Barack Obama.

I’m a magician

Created a partition

Between the old and new

Do to the hard tension.

Forgot to mention

My ascension.

I’m the nigga responsible

For your contention.

Funny how the tables have turned.

Your style was burned

I say fuck off to all

The artists who ever spurned

My style when

I’ve traveled miles with this smile.

Only in the world for a short while

So teenagers getting high

In their daddy’s new ride.

I’ve been in a bit of a hurry,

I’m in a fit of worry

About my career’s trajectory.

Hit a home run.

Made it to the next story

Coz I’m a Canadian named Rory.

I’m spinning these words

Like a fuckin’ weaver.

Hope you caught that

Like a wide receiver.

When you go on tour,

I’ll relieve ya

Coz in the bright lights,

No one’s gonna retrieve ya.

I’m talking some smack

Coz people expecting a choke act.

I don’t wanna lie to your rap faction

Coz they never been good at social interaction

Some shy motherfuckers

Need to face global detraction

If they ever want to make

it past the last one.

At the highest,

I consider Nas top 3,

So you can leave me be.

Don’t wanna mess with the G.

It’s Pac, Biggie, and Nas.

I’m all about the wars,

But I respect Nelson Mandela

For reaching for the stars.

You talk foul,

But my style’s versatile.

I can freestyle for miles

So I don’t need to fuckin’ smile.














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