Free at Last!


The world is spinning. Fast. I can’t see straight. It’s like there’s nothing in front of me. But I know there is. The weight on my shoulders, standing there right in front of me. Too hard to bear. Too hard to look at. 

I can’t look at it. I’ll feel pain, like I’ve never felt it before. Getting worse and worse.

I fell, and I can’t get up. I scream, but no one can hear me. I ask, but no one can help me.

I’m helpless.


Wait, I can see a light in the distance. Will it let me out. Free me from my burdens. Take the weight off my back.

As I stumbled through the dark, towards the light, I heard a voice. It sounded like me.

It said, Try to have hope. Try to give hope. Try to get better, then help others that are just like you.

Then I finally reached the light. Too bright. But I kept walking. When I reached the end of the light, I realized I was finally free.

Free at last.

Now I must free others, they will be

Free at last!... Finally!





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