They asked what I am going through
They asked what road am I heading to
They think my life needs a redo
They think the life that they live is for you
They get mad when it won´t work for you

But see, I´m not you
Far from it
I love it
I love me, all of me
My writes consist about no one but me
So read them and you´ll find me
Writing is what I am about
it counts
I am doing me
so don´t lecture me

Now let´s hold up
Pain kicks me down sometimes
let´s rewind
some of you have read my writes
but some reads with a closed mind
These writes are not for show time
It´s for the barley coping
for the heavy broken
and for me
A token
cause cope with it
mope with it
get lost in my thoughts sometimes
But it´s worth it

Don´t cry for me
This is my session that revives me
I´m not here for the views
I´m not here for acceptance
I just want somebody to here me
Someone to feel me
When you have a voice but no one listens
It´s scary

But that never scares me
I am still trying to find me
With every write is a step for me
So I hope you see
I am probably not what you thought of me
It´s fine
never worries me
I´ll never stop
So don´t try to stop me
Your not perfect
you´ll never be

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Our world


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