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Trapped   When I woke this morning I felt an urgency to escape, yet I felt helpless as if I were a rabbit  with one leg caught in a steel trap and was trying to decide 
I know you me--- This you cannot deny, Or talk a good game, Trying to put someone to shame.   I know you see me---- Not the Fig Newton of your mind  But if you just be kind,
Nobody notices me I feel like a ghost They assume that I'm fine Though I'm worse off than most   I'm not even sure If I'm dead or alive I not really living I just want to survive  
What are days past if not tombstones how do i sculpt tribute  with these nothing hands nobody cares about ghosts until they are salable until they are stories  what it must feel like to be a story 
Blank faces on bodies with no control They walk by without one glance Bodies without a soul Anywhere you turn, bodies keep going by The response that you seek will only just be lies
Just like a ghost I host a night hold you so tight I mean you doubt you always there in despair I reach out to you you let me look invisible so risible can´t help it
i miss having someone to talk to. you make me feel like a poem. it’s subtle, sharp around the edges, but only because it keeps me safe.
The sun rises up on the horizon as I walk to my class no one turns to look at me they all pass no one ever talks to me no one ever listens to me no one seems to see me AM I even there?  
Unheard words Unacknowledged feelings Unspoken thoughts Unseen presence
Who can see the Lord? Our creator invisible. Like the winds only heard
I have often felt invisible; insignificant when compared to other people. But I am luminous.    I’ve walked down streets with friends and been blatantly ignored when someone we both know passes by. But I am luminous.  
Every day people pass me by Like I'm not even there I want to be noticed I want to be seen I want to go about my routine Without having to worry about everyone else Or being anxious
Dear Mr. Anonymous, What is life like being a mystery?   Is it lonely, and empty, Or is it full of soul?     Do ever become tired or bored
I am the invisible woman. My name is ‘I Don’t Know’. I am nothing and nobody from nowhere going no place in particular.   My body is made from mediocrity and wasted potential.
I am one of those people, you know? Except you don't know unless you're one those people, too. How could you? You don't talk to us, or even about us, All you do is look through us.
It's hard not to fall in love with someone when you spend so much time with them and see them for who they really are, especially when they think you are not watching their every move.
The music won’t stop dancing inside my head.Arrays of jade.Violet.Azure.Onyx and cream.Colors and tastes.Fresh mint.Vanilla icecream.Sharp citrus.Soft cheddar.It lifts and tilts.
Who am I? No one sees me They glance shallowly, right through my existence. Who am I? Who am I? I exist utterly in solitude My own mind a mystery; I can't comprehend Unseen Unheard
So many deaths From disease - war - Starvation - abuse. So many tragedies In Hiroshima - Columbine - Paris - Boston. A moment of silence On 9/11 - Rememberance Day -
I wish i could show you, What this really means, I wish I could tell you, How I really feel, I wish you would listen, But my voice is too small to hear.   I want to raise my voice,
"Hello?" No answer. "Hello?"  I try again. Still, no answer. I call yur name, I get no response. I scream your name. I still get no response. I try to talk to you,
You never know, never see can never really tell for sure because everyone has different limits  everyone has different heights  and even if it's not bad for you it might be bad for them. 
This was a visual poem that I had worked on about a year ago as a class project. The poem is about the overall feeling of being alone that may come with moving onto new things or new places.
Oh how she wished to be seen She's alwas been in the shadow of someone better Way too inferior to be noticed She's never gotten a taste of the limelight
It is The touch of her palms on A beating heart Toying with the Malleable tissue Of a passionate soul. It is
What is a rock? Solid and strong. Formed by breaking free. I sit and I see.  Looking out into the ocean, I am there. The sea is on me, over me. I am solid and strong, Just like a rock.
Some people think that Jehovah God isn't real because he's invisible.They assume that he's not real because his existence isn't physical.Air is also invisible and everybody knows that it exists.
Why do I have to deal with this? This pain with which I can not burden others How do I fight to be seen? When I also fight to hide I need hope But it has fallen away I need peace
my safe haven has always been the library, nestled among shelves upon shelves of beautiful, beautiful books old with new and new with old a mixture of the best and the worst of society,
I am the quiet girl in the back of the class No one notices me they just go past   I am invisible and broken But no one will ever know
Some people are given a superpower. A power known and wanted by many.
So long I have lived in pain Yet he just now can see All the pain and grief That consumes all of me   How can I be happy When I’ve only ever been hurt Instead of vowing to heal my scars
A love day filled with joy and laughter. Went to the cinema after. A breeze of beauty passed me by. Acknowledgement and denial, My normal self but still a cosmic pawn. Choices are given, options limited.
Would you want the power to fly or be invisible? I would love to fly all over the world and see the different kinds of people, Why wouldn't you want to be invisible? Because I'm already invisible by just being unequal,
You are your own worst enemy You act like your in ecstasy But you’re not What I’m trying to say Is you’ve come so far You carry many scars You made them on your own though
Medicine A simple placation Filling my blood  with its own ideas
26 March 2014   Though my words have been scattered and my lips been tainted, take her heart and lift it. Take her mind and relieve it. Take away her pain, not her life.
A voice that leaves only a soft whisper in the clearing a piece of sand drowning below the waves
Aggregation. No, irritation. No, Completly annoyed. NO! none of this even comes close to describing how i feel, because being invisible isn't something that words can describe. Someone already claimed you as their own, but i wanted you.
I sit in silence  I hold my breath I hold on tight But there's nothing left
We use filter to cover up our blemishes, Both physical and mental. Who wants to see a girl without make up on, Bearing her acne scars and enlarged pores? Who wants to read an emotional caption,
One alone cannot lead. One alone cannot love. One alone cannot learn. One alone cannot learn. One alone cannot laugh. One alone cannot live the life intended.
There's a perfect image I've always had of myself, one not even a filter could create One that's so perfect just me being me  Letting the world seeing me in my natural state It's always seemed to get me further.
Your mind is deteriorating right in front of my eyes But the flesh still clings to your cheekbones
Glasses Sharp nose Dark, patterened clothes Sparkling baby blue eyes Bright smile with a crooked jaw Big loving heart with an old amourous soul Behind the filter, behind the hashtag
Everyday I walk through the halls of red and white, watching unfamiliar faces of high school students pass by like a rock skipping across the water.
In darkness I see a speck of light Fleeting in my realm
Thousands of eyes, but not a single one on me. I feel like a leaf, one out of many on a tree Walking past a vast sea of faces; It's as if I'm not there The crowd seems to be as one,
People can be nervous about anything everyday. Some may be hesitant to try a foreign dish,
     I screamed but only piercing silence was heard thus I took my seemingly rightful place as the invisible nerd.
A lump in my throat, a ball of fire in my chest, a river falling from my eyes, I don't understand why, a pounding head, an aching heart, my limbs are numb, numb,
Being invisible is easy. Standing out is hard. To blend into the background, To never be seen. It's time to unviel the beauty behind This curtain of invisibility. Life passes, and there you sit,
I am a stranger in my own life I don't understand my friends nor do they understand me they may think they do they may think that  my laugh is genuine they may think that
You may think I'm perfect without a scar imperfection or fear.  
I stroll down the streets of my town, through the hallways of my school, through the rooms of my house, And what do people see?
My skin so caramel brown And body nicely round Curves here and there But nobody seems to care I live in a certain air Burn with a body and soul That no one can control I am my own human being
lethargic and dumb I sprained my right thumb But truly a flower The sink man he scours A scope in that treat A rope to the teat I have no objective and Love my resentive,
Behind the curtain I watch you You on center stage Taking my glory But I don't mind.
Arriving at this place filled with fear and competition Feeling inept, inadequate, unfit and incapable I hid behind my worries, my scares and even me, bare I didn't like me, embarrassed, couldn't handle a stare
There I walking solitude Alone, inconspicuous and free Of shadow where I walk passed everyday   I'm very confined in my own mind Wandering upon reality
I move through the halls with barely a glance. People won't talk to me, won't give me a chance. They hardly notice if my appearance I enhance. I am not a ghost.   I spend most of the day inside my head,
Have you ever felt like you're in the shadows waiting for your time to shine? Have you ever felt like you're tumbling over, caught on the borderline?
Which is better? To be seen or unseen, loved, or feared? Would you be the princess, or the lady in waiting? Would you be the White Queen, or the villainous Knave of Hearts?  
I had met with an angel. Here's what he had said: Love me forever, and it costs but one small thing a life, fleeting a soul-less little thing your soul I ask to bring. I had met with that angel
I know it's hard to hear the constant advances of suitors, to hear their cat calls day in and out. I know it is At least I'm sure it is. But that doesn't stop me from wondering what it is like to be noticed
Lonesome softly pounds Whispers sweet sounds Waits until day it ends Paces and it depends It asks for me to wait Afraid I decide my fate And I never make a change Alone we never do gain
Skinny legs, a perfect hair is what they to see A pretty face and perfect body, The opposite of me. The pressure to be perfect is slowly closing in.  When, when will all of this come to an end?
Surrounded need space To breath Suffocating looking for help and no one, no one notices Do I matter? Guess not Why not? Falls Tars fall
I am the one you hate and love. Everyone suspects me but no one sees me. I sit in the corner reading my book, I walk down the path smiling,
I feel as if I'm a block of chalk who nobody sees Why can't I be seen? Because so many personalities stand out way more pronounce than me I am merely a shadow in their presences
Broken pieces Shattered heart My life just seems to fall apart But there's nothing that I can do Hiding what's inside showing what's not really there and Leaving behind my feelings for you
I don’t understand why it is so hard For you to suck up your ego for 2 seconds and let your guard down You see I need some answers because the pain is back. It isn’t pulsating and waking me at 2:43 am
Tears are streaming down his eyesUnder the desk lays a broken boyEmptiness contains an empty roomNobody asks the question why Under the desk lies the broken boyHe screams in pain
If,   I had only awakened only to see the one I have been so desperately and passionately Been waiting to embrace, To let known as it has always seen Not as it has always been perceived
If a flower was love, why pick it? The flower will die so leave it be and it will grow
nothing is quite as painful as invisible is. walking through the crowded hallways of a dysfunctional high school
As I walk by Nobody sees be as remarkable I am uninteresting to prying eyes I am everyday life I am unnoticeable to the unobservant I am the one who you never notice But I don't mind
Voice Unheard Voice Unseen Person of visibility No longer seen Invisible   Walks halls Walks streets Day after day Still Unseen Invisible   Voice of crys
Sometimes  I think it'd be easier if you had died Not because I want you dead, Not because I hate you, But because then maybe I'd have a reason. I'd have a reason to avoid everyone you ever spoke to
I stand here Never seen Never heard Never to speak Not one single word No one takes notice Or stops to stare For if I don't speak I'm not really there
I live in a world of darknessA world where no one caresI live where people have no heartsIt's always cold, I'm invisibleNo one wants me here, no one even knowsI wish to be in a world of happiness
In the crowd I am alone. Because No one seems to care. In the crowd I am lost. Because No one notices I am gone. In the crowd I don't exist. Because No one notices I am there. I am Invisible.
A diamond in the dirt, A solo shining star, Arround you wear a smile, but you're distant and afar.  Smile and they'll never know The dim light that shines inside, The truth they will never see
Please… Just look my way. For a second, A moment, A wrinkle in time. I wish you would
I often wonder if those who have succeeded walk among us if they follow, invisible in our footprints remaining unseen  
When I see you, the butterflies go crazy. Flying and fluttering, Telling me the obvious. You smile and wave, Seemingly thrilled to see me, and I can't help but smile and wave back,
i watch the raindrops slide downi watch the cold creep upi watch the day turn to nightand i know i'm dying on the insidei want to tell you you're the onethe only one i lovebut i can't seem to find the words
I rubbed a lamp and a gene appeared. I said, "Wishes?" He said, "Three." I told him three wishes would be great, But one is all I need.   I wish I was invisible I'd walk among the stars,
To you I am invisibleA translucent tragedyGrasping onto ridgesScratch marks created by a ghost
Put on the blank mask Draw the smile and bright eyes You know your task To make it through the lies Bind your soul It can wait Fill the hole This is fate Tie the strings
When I was younger, I had always wished to be Invisible. I used to put a blanket over my head, hide in corners of the room. I always thought of how cool it would be to be there but unseen.
People everywhere. Loud noises. I'm too cold and too hot. It's too difficult to speak. Oxygen has abandoned my lungs. Confusion. Yelling. Where am I going? Did I just bump into someone?
I am Frankenstein’s monster— a tired traveler yearning to break free from this cage, this lonely overpopulated world. Here, I stand in a crowded grocery store listening to people yell and
I sit and watch as you watch her wishing it were me. Screaming on the inside because I just want to be acknowledged, want to be noticed
When I was in high school, I was the invisible girl. No one looked at me, No one said a word to me. I sat in the corner of the room. I wrote down all my thoughts in my journal. I would look up; I would see everyone staring at me.
I see the girl in the mirror. So good at being me. But she's not. I know if I close my eyes, hers will close too. If a tear rolls down my cheek, one will fall from hers.
Sitting in class where everyone ignores me. I don't mind though, because they're all better off.
I'm just a shadow, standing in the back, Filled with gaping holes and millions of cracks. I'm trapped and I can't seem to get out, no matter how much I try to scream and shout. There I am, just standing in the dark,
I used to think you were invisible that i could never see you but now i know that that was just a lie
Breathing, thinking, listening As I lie in bed awake Worrying and waiting There's a fear I cannot shake
I thought u were different from the rest. You really put my trust and patience to the test. Right beside you I said I'll always be. But instead you take advantage of me. My past is bad it makes me regress, but pushing through is the real test.
How are you? Is something wrong? Are you upset? All empty questions. You don't care, you never have. You see the hurt in my eyes, and you look away.
I’ve daydreamed myself invisible. Lost in the blur of faces, names, laughter, colors. The school hallways are Tetris, and I’m a piece trying to fit before I am crowded out. Crowds.
I’ve daydreamed myself invisible. Lost in the blur of faces, names, laughter, colors. The school hallways are Tetris, and I’m a piece trying to fit before I am crowded out. Crowds.
*So i was walking to the bus stop and passed by a homeless man. Nothing new so I walked straight past him didn't even see him at first. They tend to blend in with the concrete here and its a shame.
I am invisible. Undeniably unrealistic. A ghost to the touch. The last thought, a remnant. Forgotten. Please, feel free. Remember me?
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