You never know, never see

can never really tell for sure because

everyone has different limits 

everyone has different heights 

and even if it's not

bad for you

it might be bad for them. 

Not all will tell, not all will say

because suicide has a bad enough name. 

its bitter on the tongue and 

sticks in the throat but still,

young people contemplate and think about

taking a life that doesn't matter

or so they think. 

and it isn't just the young,

it isn't just the poor

it's all ages and races and financial situations

well off, not well off

you don't have to be suffering to 

have these thoughts. 

and no matter how happy you should be

or would be

or even could be,

its not about who has the worst situation,

its about how you feel the situation,

and everyone feels it differently. 

So don't dismiss the plea for help

even if you see a life

perfectly worth living. 

You won't see everything,

and not everything is said. 

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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