People can be nervous about anything everyday.

Some may be hesitant to try a foreign dish,

Some may be anxious to be on a first date,

Some may be reserved when it comes to joining a new club.

These are the normal things people are shy about.

We all can be nervous when doing something for the first time.

But some people are afraid to step out into the world,

And put themselves out there.


It’s normal to be nervous,

But being shy is a syndrome.

A syndrome with no cure,

With no symptoms,

And with no way to detect it.

There is no therapy to minimize the effects of shyness.

It is as invisible as the person who is diagnosed with shyness.


These people always get nervous.

Even if it’s something small like talking to someone on the phone.

But we can get so very timid when comes to major things.

For example, speaking in front of a large audience.

There is no cure, so there is no choice.

Shy people have to live with their own flaws,

Knowing that it is an anchor tied to their ankles,

For the rest of their lives.


While normal people can relax when they take a big test,

Shy people always let their nerves get to them.

They always say to themselves that they can’t do it,

That they’re not good enough, that they will fail.

Shy people always talk themselves down before anyone else can.

Which is why they’ll always ask someone else if they did it right.


Shy people are unsure of themselves.

They always ask someone if they did it right,

And sometimes ask to do it for them.

They can never be too sure of anything until someone checks.

They are afraid of failure.

But shy people will always overcome their flaws.


Shy people are always going to go through with it.

Even though they are shy, they are never cowards.

They are never going to take the quickest way out.

They will always go though the rough road,

To reach the promise land.

Shy people are an inspiration to many who can relate.

I can relate to their struggles.

Because I myself am a shy person.


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