Invisible ghost

There I walking solitude
Alone, inconspicuous and free
Of shadow where I walk passed everyday
I'm very confined in my own mind
Wandering upon reality
To bestow me such great distance of such minds
I walk and the only sense sustaining
Nothing but pure music and dried lips of silence
Nothing but pure dimness of my naked eye 
Nothing but reality upon my gaze as I walk on by in solitude 
I speak loudly though I don't say anything 
Silence just runs in and out
No pain just a silent soul walking on by in solitude
I wish not to waste a breath or allow to murder time
Obscurity in and out as I go
Darkness just runs through me to keep away
Though the day maybe, bright or dimm, hot or cold
I stay beneath and show no expression upon this cancerous...
Of  what I see 
Sure people walk on by with glitter of disparity of their own lives with other people or maybe by themselves 
Solemnly walking about their walks of everyday crisis and lively hood
As for me...
But visible I'm loose of their eye and silence on my walk of solitude
 A ghost I am like walking through them
Though eventually I'll fall
Into the pity full pit where I lie and rest.  
The morbid and dreadful soul carries
And  I'll flow away


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