Me Without a Filter is The Me Who I've Always Been!

Thu, 01/22/2015 - 11:40 -- nsussan

There's a perfect image I've always had of myself,

one not even a filter could create

One that's so perfect just me being me 

Letting the world seeing me in my natural state

It's always seemed to get me further.


Without creating a fake life full of filters I'm a teenager

I got pimples and my hair doesn't always cooporate

But who really cares about that small stuff

Without hiding the real me

I'm fun and outgoing

I'm silly and don't always like serious

It gets boring and life needs to be filled with fun.

I'm the one always getting someone to laugh

or their shoulder to cry on

I heaar all the words that not even their pillow hears.

Hiding the real me isn't through filters

that just hides how I look

Making me a little more tan

Not everyone enjoys being pale

But I'm happy with all my imperfections.


Without filters life is a blurr

But eerything comes accross so clear

The world is brighter

Not so focused

and not so perfect

If everything was perfect

you would never enjoy what's really perfect.


My sounds are loud and clear

I mess up

fumble and fall

Skip a beat 

Miss a word

But it's not supposed to be right

Not always the first time

Sounds fill my head

My voice scares me

But it's beautiful

And tuned to fit me

What else really matters.


Me, who am I without filters?

The real me

A version everyone knows

Because I'm not afraid of letting the world know

If they don't like me without filters

They don't deserve seeing me with a filter

Everyone hides behind a filter

Simply because

They want everyone they don't know to see a better them

But if they don't know you

How would they ever know if it the better you?

Or if it's just the same you

Just with a twist.


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