Sunny Skies and Apple Pies

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 03:12 -- EvCooke


United States
40° 36' 31.9032" N, 74° 5' 8.9556" W

*So i was walking to the bus stop and passed by a homeless man. Nothing new so I walked straight past him didn't even see him at first. They tend to blend in with the concrete here and its a shame. This extreme poverty is too common in NY and these people need someone to push them to get themselves together*

Sunny skies and apple pies
Please don't block out this poor mans cries
Look into his crusted eyes
Rekindle his hope before it dies
Sunny skies and apple pies
This man doesn't need the maximum wallet size
He needs some hopefaithtrust..
To be recognized!
This person is a citizen like you and me
Why scorn and mock those life wont let eat?
No excuses for why he resides with these unproductive chides on New York's cold concrete
Sunny skies and apple pies
Please listen to his illustrated sighs
Its more than the sound of pure defeat
But a monetary retreat so discreet from war to an obsolete..
And absolute..
Isolation, frustration..
No motivation for this males reincarnation
Like a new born child with his restored smile for proof
All thanks to you
Sunny skies and apple pies
This souls journey has just begun
Believe in me.. Let HIM see.. that sunny skies and apple pies can be a possibility for anyone


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