Minor me

Tue, 08/12/2014 - 14:21 -- Cait_G


Behind the curtain
I watch you
You on center stage
Taking my glory
But I don't mind.

Behind the stage
I plot
Not for revenge
But for redemption,
Silent and suttle
Only there
If you close your eyes
And listen to the base behind the music
Keeping everything in place
Without so much as a note of thanks.

Behind the props
I am the invisible man
Seeing the puppet strings move
Grace nor form,
Music with no melody.

Yes you can ignore me -
The man behind the curtain -
Pass me by
I don't mind.
I play minor roles all the time
Because that is my passion
My art.

Should you reject my
Kin, friends or kind
You will see me
And nothing can compare
To my soul and mouth.


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