Blind In Sight & Mind


Brooklyn,New York
Boerum street
United States
40° 42' 21.7728" N, 73° 56' 28.6296" W


Tick,tock,tick,tock Time slows down Noise lowers Pencils move against paper Slowly,etching out words Teacher talks "C-L-A-S-S.  DISMISSED" Sound erupts within the room Students rush to next class She walks, the world slows around her Lights dim,and voices dissipate into thin air Alone,so alone.  Yet to another room,she goes. He stands in front,teaching. Going over the homework  She lays on her desk Her eyes wet and her lips tight He yells at her to stay upright Oh you fool can't you see She isn't okay,I'm not me. She sits upright and looks down Pencil's shake,tears fall  Gasps for air ,seems too small You don't know None of you truly do. You act like you want the best. For her or the rest But if you truly gave a fuck Maybe she'd have some luck. You notice her break down,and ignore the sound But when class ends,do you know you've sinned! She pulls out her scissors,unknown to you And scar after scar her pain,she hides You wish to help To stop her pain  You grab her hand... Ashes to ashes,she lies upon the floor Nothing but dust Too slow Too late She's gone. You made her fate. It's not just her.There are more, I'm one. So is the guy next to me And the girl in front of me. We're the kids you don't see. The ones who live in invisibility. 


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