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Why am I being shamed for caring about you? You said I was the reason you were mentally unstable I was the reason you cried yourself to sleep You have it all wrong
Sitting in front of the door with the tears streaming down my face, Knowing that there is no way that I can get out of this dark place. Just as I thought things were turning around, life decides to take a turn,
It took me a long time to realize, but I have finally learned a lot about you, And that even though I thought you were different, your actions told me that you areexactly the same by the things that you do.
For the longest time I kept blaming myself, trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Why was I never goo enough for anyone? Was there something wrong with me that I wasn't able to see?
My heart aches and yearns, my eyes have no more tears to shed, like experiencing a drought my mind can't think straight anymore, it can't focus you fill my head, day and night i am weary
I cry, but only by myself Constantly I reminisce about us Red was the setting sun, setting your silhouette ablaze Your smile which shined brighter than any star   I keep wondering if you think about me still
Somedays, I want to contribute, nothing more to the world.. then my death.
I’m in pain, all the time. Everyday is agony, im tired of this fight. let me show you what I mean.  So, I’ll make my cake out of shotgun shells.  Light it up like a candle.
I don't even know what I have left anymore.  Not my family,  Not my friends  (who I don't want to talk to),  Not trust,  or love,  or compassion, or understanding, 
I been waiting for forever And nothing’s getting better. I always care too much Wish that I could say whatever
You know what? I'm tired of the bullshit Oh you wanna talk? Maybe I'd have time if I wasn't I fed up Always mouthing off About how you this and that, not! You always on this hype
Y'all sleepin on me But I ain't a bed. Tried to love But now that's dead. Cuz all these years y'all fucked around And put shit all in my head. Like I'm ugly and unwanted
What can you say   What can you do  
There is only so much a person can take   Anger is a dangerous emotion
When you get worked up   when you can't hold it in
Low to the ground Try not to drown Felons are we
There I go   Looking again  
Am I not good enough   Am I dirt under your feet
Here we go again   The loss is too deep  
This is NOT me! This is NOT who I am! This is NOT who I want to be!  
God please write me quickly i'm running out of time, my family has no time for me  and i can't say goodbye. it's not the words that stop me, nor their meaning make me cry,
Dear TBD, I need some time.  But- You’ll ask why and I dont know how to tell you Its you.  Time.  That is the spell keeping me standing here.  But- I’m not sure how to fix this. 
As I write my final letter to you, I don't feel any remorse. In fact, I almost feel relived to know that little parasite is gone. I know I put the parasite on me, and I let it drain me for so long.
Bullying seems only to me to be The single thing that’s keeping me from you, but not you from me You laugh at me, you push and shove, I run home crying, to pray to the man above Ask him to help, in any way he could
Today, you were with me. You laughed when I laughed, we thought alike so often. Yet you seemed different, sad about, something. I wanted to ask you, but we're still being repaired.
A terrible year That’s the least you could say With every doctors that looked at me with sadness To the words that suddenly came out “You have cancer”
So close yet so far, to freedom and death. Freedom from hurt, pain, abuse, chains, bruises, tears, fights, cuts, offensive words, breakdowns, loneliness and depression.
Life and it's meanings are wretched I'm fucking pissed bitch just test me I'll snap your neck effortlessly And punch through your brain cuz it's empty 
Do me a huge favor Dont come back I have let you in to many times Ive gotten to a point id let you come back forever so dont, this way we both get peace Maybe I wont move on But
I never really understood this,  You were my "person" , meaning that i'm in love you with you, wantint you You are in love with another person, wanting them  My heart used to skip a few beats because of you
They smile Well-meaning intentions But how it hurts Your brow furrows You frown At the impudence You speak as if You know me well But knowing me As a child Does not mean
I'm done with all of this. The shit I go through daily. The unexplained silence, As bad as the fucking words I hear. The judge mental glance a sharp dagger, That had stabbed me in the back forever.
I can’t place it I want to cry but I’ve passed that point So far deep releasing this would require energy and I have none.  I’m furious and it’s overwhelming I’m angry at myself
I am so sick and tired of seeing “new year, new me” New year, same me Same world Same trees with same leaves And same subways, same buses Nothing else changed, why would I, why would you?
I'm stuck in my head. I've run out of luck my brain and my heart; they bled. I'm stuck and I just want to get out. Climbing through the muck my head just screams and shouts.  
Angel My Angel, Stop flying, Stop searching, Stop remembering. What you're flying for, Isn't worth it. What you're searching for, Isn't there. What you're remembering,
I just want to be done.
Why do I hang on the past when I know I should look forward? Why do I care so darn much when there is nothing to be offered? Why do people believe in fate when in truth, no such thing is real?
I refuse I refuse to let you define me Simply because there is no defintion I am who I am I refuse to let you attack me You may not accept me but I do I do not need your approval
My heart is breaking, my faith is shaking, too much is what all of this stress is taking. Can't calm down, can't look around, on the outside I smile. On the inside I frown... So tired of life,
I've been breaking hearts for far too long
Time. Time was what I needed To let butterflies escape To let the memories fade To let the thoughts of you to go away But it brings My anger towards you My hate towards you
im done with you tonight officially you are now in my past and i will no longer regret the time i wasted spent  remembering you  and hoping youd remember me too.
Alice has done something horrible.  
I've been waiting all these centuries
I say its clear that you don’t care whether i live or die to say you gave your all isn’t fair cause you didn’t even try Save me the tears
To my desire,   As I look over these words that I’ve wasted on you, I realize that I’m only causing the forests’ destruction. Why should I care if you don’t love me?
I was very excited in what we could be.
She died of a broken heart falling asleep with the sound of Love Love Love in her ears. She had no emotions left to give She was done.  She was done-done-done, girl. She was done.
This half of my bed Has been crying for you, asking where you've been and who you've been sleeping on since then
Some open book you were So open, I could see the dotted lines on the pages you scribbled on And everyone knew how to read but me
These hands, that you once held I gave away to the wind because at least they know how to hold something
breathe the sadness that stitches your ribs together and choke on the chances you missed  
Pour my feelings into a jar and seal it That is how I feel inside I can't breathe Gasping for air Reaching out for someone to unseal this jar The jar is about to fall and shatter
You You are unfair.   You You put my life on pause. You filled my life with terror that demands to be felt.
I feel so utterly replaceable. I feel like feeling anything at all is dangerous. 
i hear your voice and i subconciously smile and i feel your warm embrace around me as we softly giggle over the phone "did someone just call your name?" "no" "oh. maybe it was my heart. maybe it needs you"
i hear your voice and i subconciously smile and i feel your warm embrace around me as we softly giggle over the phone "did someone just call your name?" "no" "oh. maybe it was my heart. maybe it needs you"
It’s hard to be here and not shed a tear. To pretend to be fine, while I’m dying inside. Useless and lost my worth is gone. Can this ever have a Happy Ending?   “Try a bit harder, please let me in.”
I took my first final. I passed. I took my second. I passed. I prayed and took my third final. I passed. I prayed, cried, and took my last final. I passed.  
Strength is now only a word Mock me again I know now that love is lost  Dreams are ashes in the air All that is beauty inside is no longer It is now a rugged mountain  Of no hope
I used to think that bubble wrap, Was the best way to go.   That touching the world, Through a pane of glass, Was better than feeling the warmth, Beneath my fingers.
  if i lost interest in you  would things finally fall into place.
I’m giving up So sorry I just can’t anymore I can’t keep trying so hard for naught And I can’t waste my time I’m giving up happiness Because nobody gives a fuck about mine So why should I?
they found he razor in the shower today because i forgot to take it out. thye looked at me with dissipointed eyes today but ppretentded they knew nothing about.   they heard me gagging in the bathroom today
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
she, the fallen one has lost and as of this moment  she, withers away without a sound she, the fallen one cant go a night without a pillow drenched with tears  filled wih screams
Rushing to the end
I'm done I don't really care anymore I'm tired of this shit Disappointed, again I'm done
Count them as they go down. 7, 8, 9, 10. This is taking too long. Where did I put it? Why can't I find it? What did you do with it? Did you hide it from me? I don't see why.
She used to be happy She used to smile Now that happens Only once in a while. She doesn't get it Doesn't see why It's all because He's changed her inside.   He acted so sweet
hope   Is it the only thing able to change everything for the better? Is it the only thing that is able to change people? Is it what drives people to keep going despite the odds againt them?
You exhaust me. That hardly describes it. I wish there was a better phrase for putting my emotions through a spin cycle. You didn't even hang me out to dry.
Who are you treating me like you do It seems like you don't have a clue I know I deserve better than this I'm searching for an everlasting bliss I can't believe I let it get this far
Uneventfully I awoke. Unsurprisingly the sun beating hot on the single paned windows – Caused dew drops of moisture to form Dragging myself out of bed, Discarding one used shirt for another,
  Love came with you, engulfing me like a flame. We were supposed to be forever, But all that’s left is blame. You promised you adored me like no other
Aren't we all lonely Aren't we all sick  sick of eachother's talk and shit we fight, we cry, and sit all to just swallow and forget Engrossed lies regurgitating goodbyes
Weave me through words to be heard. Break my heart as my fingers feel out the words. Cradle my trust with an untitled promise. Let me fulfill these things through writing poetry, or let me be done.
The four years seem to flash right before your eyes, Goosebumps appear as you tread down the empty hall the last time. You feel as if ants are crawling in your stomach, Every one going separate ways to college.
I am 17 5 years has gone by since this began. You've caused me pain, you've caused me nightmares and now I'm done. You were sentenced yesterday 20 years and now I'm done.
We act meticulous. We think mysterious. We walk alone. We're never done. We become lazy. We get hungry. We never cry. We never die.
Having traveled these halls many times I arrive, now, at the final chapter So that I may finally make my path And walk toward life on my own. Since fate holds that I can not stay, I will leave you all behind
It’s the end of senior year Time for laughter, time for cheer So many memories in these halls Teachers, students, windowless classroom walls Freshman year, just starting out
I walk up to the front of the classroom and hand in my final exam and walk out. I walk through the dirt parking lot, a brown pit of muck from yesterday’s rain, for the last time this semester.
I watched you burn today. I wrote your name on a piece of paper, and told it All the things that you never wanted to hear. I watched you burn today. I spoke about all the times you made me feel
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