Happy Ending

It’s hard to be here and not shed a tear.

To pretend to be fine, while I’m dying inside.

Useless and lost my worth is gone.

Can this ever have a Happy Ending?


“Try a bit harder, please let me in.”

But, help only works if there in your head.

“Do it again, in time it’ll come”.

But, inside, we both know how this really ends


Broken and battered you’ve reached your end.

Tell me child where are your friends?

The cold seems welcoming

Now, where is your head?


And when the darkness that effulged you as a child returns.

You’ll ignore it as if it was never your tormentor.

Rise above just to be knocked down again.

Does the pain end?

Or is it our fate?                                             


I’m still waiting for my happy ending.

Life is a nightmare with no ending.

I’m still waiting on myHAPPY ENDING.


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