What Is It..?

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 23:10 -- Kenocas



Is it the only thing able to change everything for the better?

Is it the only thing that is able to change people?

Is it what drives people to keep going despite the odds againt them?

Does it have the power to rise nations and bring change to the world?






Hope is deadly, hope is a virus, hope is a curse..

Hope has the power to destroy those nations it brought up.

It can stop does who started out strong in the beginning.

It can drain a body down to the bone and leave it lifeless.. 

  with no way to regain it’s strength.


Hope is like a poisoned wine glass, sweet to the taste, 

  but with the inevitable path that starts running through the veins.„ 

Flowing around your body slowly and sure of itself, shutting down everything,


As you take your last breath 

  and you thinking about how it all came to be this way..

Remember this, it all started with that “spark” of hope that you so blindly followed.


hope is deadly

hope is a virus

hope is a curse

hope is a poison


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