Im Done

Life and it's meanings are wretched

I'm fucking pissed bitch just test me

I'll snap your neck effortlessly

And punch through your brain cuz it's empty 

I'm so mad I can taste it about to break some shit that's painted

I'm talking about all these walls

Hit through them like they people's jaws

Don't talk or look at me. Do not attempt to comfort me. I'm so fucking serious I'm learning that all this game isn't worth it, I should just end it right now, swallow some pills And be out

How could you smile and say that? You know I'm watching your playbacks, I HATE IT!

And you know exactly just that, cuz I hit you up with some expectation to get hit back, you don't respond whatsoever, it's all to make me lose interest, you think you're so fucking clever. NEVER! I'll never forget this, and no I'll never forget you, I'll never let go of you, just take what I'm saying and can you please love me back? I'm on my knees because I feel like I'm having a heart attack.

An elephant sitting on my chest, that animal just entered the room, I cry because I don't know how to do anything else I'm proud to do. I'm looking at you and scrolling through the pictures of us two, look at you 

I was such a fool, you got away slipped my grip, your smile made me straight trip, your beautiful eyes made me skip and chop my sentences to bits, made me speechless and forget everything I was going to say, probably... Well shit.. who cares anyways...


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