verbal abuse

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The man up front, he stands right there, I'm pretty sure I know him from somewhere, His silouette, it seems familiar, And then he fades away.                  ... He's here again, I see him clearly,
Too fat, too skinny, too linky, too thick (quit) , Too fat, too skinny, too linky, too thick (average) ,
I wrote the words in white paint, proudly as I could have written them. I wrote those words for him, when he was gone before. Now he is gone again. They shout at me. “DON’T BELIEVE IN BROKEN MIRRORS.”
Alice slept to the sound of lullabies In her sister’s lap But I have to sleep to your allegations, Blames and insults Thrown at each other Like arrows And I hurting crossfire  
You don't know what you're talking about. Stop acting like you're smart. Those statistics are all lies. You can't trust anyone. Stop talking to people. You have to keep it all a secret.
I'm just kidding   Just three words, but they have the force of a tsunami Flooding the land Sweeping over cities Wiping out everything in its path  
His fist hits me straight in my face my missing teeth he cannot replace The Thrill and enjoyment of beating his child The look in his eyes animalistic and wild
I’ll never forget that horrifying day when they said my brother had passed away    They said when it happened he felt no pain
“I love you more than anything,” you once whispered in my ear, while you read aloud Goodnight, Moon in my pillow forts, and hummed quiet lullabies so I could rest. “I love you too.”
I look at him And he looks back at me And I know we remember I know we are both thinking of that time Different pages Same plot
Your influence still, it remains the dark cloud, your glare the howling winds, your anger the pelting rain, your words still, it remains the doors are bolted the shutters, closed
every noise crash snap or shout   followed by a jump or a yelp or a flinch
by Ariel Douglas (2 June 2018)   I believed you I trusted you You broke me You used me You never loved me You took my heart
Daddy is yelling, Rambling, Cursing, At mommy Mommy is grieving, Crying, Hoping, For Grandpa Grandpa is dead
I’m afraid of spiders their hairy legs and relentless fangs Afraid of the tallest heights looking down from the stairs As if they are a 200 foot skyscraper
Dear Daddy,   Can your sins be forgiven if you have forgotten? Should I not hate you if you don’t remember the pain you’ve caused, Or is that all the more reason to?   Why did you forget anyway?
Father,   You are someone who only cares about himself. When I was two, you decided that a
You tell me it didn’t happen like that-- I should just get over it… but I can’t. I can’t forget the words that you’ve said to me,
It was three yearsbefore I opened myself up and dusted myself off.
A spark of emotion birthed a flaming relationshipText messages and posts proclaim the feelings you have to the worldYour once boring life took a spin, and FLIPThe problems in your life just vanished; unfurled
“Because I Love you” When those words leave your mouth It is in a different context than I am familiar with.
Let us reflect upon the days when I was small and frail 
  Because i love youI’ll kill myselfif you stop talking to me  
He loves me when I smile He loves me when I laugh He loves me even when he calls me silly names He loves me when he calls me bitch or stupid I don't care when his words are mean Because he loves me 
I woke up in the morning, walked to my bathroom, then look in the mirror and thought Because I love you, I want you to wake up and make today a great day.
She's in love with an alcoholic, I find it a little scary, that people can go and gossip, not knowing what she is feeling. Abuse that she has to face, his anger she have to taste. Her life is a metaphor,
Insecurity (“”)                 Why aren’t you happier to see me                 Why don’t you look nicer when we go out                 Why do you always have to be so smart. . . or clueless. . . or dumb
January, February were the months of good packing snow, packing snow on my crippled carcass in cumbersome coats. I lay there and let your bitter cover me.
Verb-Bully  Please stop all the taunting. Wanting To see me flip my lid.
Left alone , all aloneyet the house is full she faked  her smile  because  with eher xeprience she believedthe world was cruel ever
Small and weak Shrouded by the darkness surrounding me I can't help but feel as though I am suffocating By the ice cold air filled with anxieties and pain
Jumping from my car I grab at stuff spilling away from my grasp And I do my best to avoid the unmake-upped gaze That undoubtedly would appear in the rearview   In a half jog I pass a middle-aged man
The words of people have this cruel effect of getting under our skin, applied on the outside they are allowed to soak through. With the power to both heal and hurt they race through our blood,
The precious face Doused in make up and covered by black locks 36 years in the making Your internal wounds are not so easily hidden His words  have never even made you smitten   Oh what have you done?
Curvy, skinny, thin, or fat. What should I wear, should I eat that? Should I talk slower, should I walk faster Am I too talkative? Should I shut up?
As a child all we want to hear are the words 
Little girl stood strong and free, With her head held high, And her eye in the sky, But little girl is different from you and me.   Little girl used to run and play, She had friends by her side, No secrets would she hide, But soon little girl began...
She stared into oblivion Unaware of her surroundings Trapped in those memories So painful is her hurt Is it reality Or a fallacy Plagued with the dreams again Desperately in need of a friend
Pointless arguments spark, Anger seethes and burns, Words flung solely for pain. Holding mistakes above us, To be rubbed in our faces. Forgiven but not forgotten.
Am I dreaming? Lord please tell me I am... cause with this image I' m seeing..this here before my eyes... I think I might be losing my mind.
When I was a young child I was abused.  I won't say which way,  how or even why I think it happened to me,  but it did.    My mother would tell me how  beautiful she was and how
Is it really that hard to respect that I have my limits too? I do not choose to live my life to please a man like you. Feel free to continue to shout and yell, I think I’ll take my leave.
Mrs— Raise your hand. Creeping hand…. inches into the air…. Mrs—             Mrs. you think that you know me.             You know the way I act in school.
 I want you to learn it verbatim, you say. We’re not going to go over it in class, We read it in the reading. How are we supposed to learn when you won’t teach us?   Think, you say; It isn’t too hard.
Hi mom, how are you doing?  oh not good today, why? thats right, i almost forgot your own flesh and blood dissapoint you  no one can do anything just right the bills stacked 50 feet high
Castigation weighs down her shoulder, A burden, she understands, Unfair, she understands, Immoral, she understands, Dry eyes tell a different tale.
"I've lost all hope of you ever doing anything right!" "You will never amount to anything!" These phrases and more echoing through my head "Just end it now!" I think as I collapse behind the door
Words are power. They can be used for good. But when words are awful, they can be used for bad. Every morning, I wake up to hear My brother's taunting, and my sister's tears.
No cuts to show, No bruises that glow, No signs of a blow No drunken deed Or drag of weed No needles that bleed No forced sigh, Or clothes that fly Or bared thigh
You once were my hero I’d stare up in awe At one point you cradled me In daddy-bear paws   In you I found comfort I had a real friend But sadly all good things Must come to an end  
When we are born As children we are given lasting names, And as we learn We strive to prove ourselves by gaining fame. How should a name make one feel?
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