Becoming a Poet

Small and weak
Shrouded by the darkness surrounding me
I can't help but feel as though I am suffocating
By the ice cold air filled with anxieties and pain

Tired and Weary
I begin to wonder when this will end
I begin to wonder how it will end
And it hits again, but this time full throttle
And suddenly I'm on the floor gasping for air

I hear voices coming through the darkness
I fill with hope, picking my self up from the ground
But suddenly a sharp ringing hits my ears
Words of abuse ring throughout my body

These words make the darkness thicker
These words make the air ways tighten
I'm being consumed by these words
These words that come from who I hold dear

I break through the shroud
Which has clouded my mind
And I see you there another time
And I can't help but break inside

You are my muse
For which I write
So thank you for dragging me down
For I write this in spite

This poem is about: 
My family


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