Hi mom,

how are you doing? 

oh not good today, why?

thats right, i almost forgot

your own flesh and blood dissapoint you 

no one can do anything just right

the bills stacked 50 feet high

never thought you'd end up like this?

you said its never about you

if thats true

why do we walk on eggshells to please you!

your mood swings back and forth

like a swing when the wind blows

saying I'm worthless, never good enough

the words you speak hurt

as knife is going thorugh my skin

but not just in my skin

in my mind

I'm a waste of life 

you make me believe it

so mom, how you feel now?

you know that your games you play

acting like your age eight

your stares like glass

cutting into me 

I hope you realize

it has always been about you. 


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