This isn't supposed to happen.


Because i love you
I’ll kill myself
if you stop talking to me

She was the type of person

who loved to talk to strangers on the street.

An open book.

And she had the type of eyes that told you

She was good. She cared.

And she did.

She was always willing to help anyone out



And I guess she found him

Or he found her

Because saving him was killing her

They said just end it

Say goodbye,

But how do you say goodbye

When you’re a hostage

but it’s his life on the line

What are you supposed do when

suicide is their control over you


This isn’t supposed to happen to people like her.


This isn't supposed to happen.



The first time he wanted to be alone

She stopped him

The first time he tried to kiss her

She stopped him

The first time he tried to say I love you

She stopped him

But somewhere along the lines

The I love you slipped out

No, I think it was drawn out.

The same way you draw out a pistol

Before firing the gun


Because i love you

I just want you for myself

Why are you talking to anyone else?


Because i love you

Let me tell you how beautiful

you are to me

When you do what I say


Because i love you
I’ll kill myself
If you stop talking to me


Because i love you

And you love me

It’s your responsibility

To save me


Everything she gave he wanted more

It was never enough

She was never enough

Because he wasn’t looking for love

He was looking to for a victim


I wish this wasn't a true story

I wish this was just one story

But it's not.


This is not one friend’s trial

This is not happening just once

This is not the exception

This is what is happening

This is the reality

This is the damage of

Because I love you

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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