Little Girl

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Little girl stood strong and free,

With her head held high,

And her eye in the sky,

But little girl is different from you and me.


Little girl used to run and play,

She had friends by her side,

No secrets would she hide,

But soon little girl began to hide away.


Little girl was excited for school,

She would meet new friends,

She'd play til days end,

Then little girl learned her peers were cruel.


Little girl tried to make it through,

She stifled her tears,

And ignored all the jeers,

But little girl's pain just grew and grew.


Little girl gained a new friend,

Who saw her through darkness,

Who tried to ease her stress,

It all made little girl wish for years end.


Little girl tried to remain strong,

She ignored all her enemies,

And made countless apologies,

But little girl couldn't right her wrongs.


Little girl suffered all through that year,

She came out worn and battered,

Her heart seemed shattered,

However little girl was not yet in the clear.


Little girl prayed for a new start,

With life she coped,

She began to find hope,

Then little girls world began to fall apart.


Little girl entered the fifth grade,

In school she stayed low,

Of her life they did not know,

Then tragedy little girls life would invade.


Little girl met a new little boy,

She taught him the ropes,

With him a friendship she hoped,

But little did little girl know she would be his new toy.


Little girl and little boy shared a bus seat,

At first things were fine,

Then she noticed the signs,

But it was too late for little girl naive and sweet.


Little girl grew more and more fearful,

He showed his true intentions,

She tried to escape his aggressions.

But little boy took advantage of little girl.


Little girl was thrown to the bus floor,

His cold eyes stared into her soul,

And there his rough hands carved a hole,

He touched little girl in places she had never been touched before.


Little girl was violated that day,

She couldn't escape and couldn't hide,

She could only sit and endure it as she cried,

With little girl forever this awful event will stay.


Little girl learned from this how to fear,

Of herself she was ashamed,

Because she was to blame,

Little girl hated herself for all her tears.


Little girl was continuously abused,

Little boy recruited her class,

Their words cut like glass,

Another year little girl was torn down and used.


Little girl hid his mark,

The hand prints on her arm,

Of the bruises that did her harm,

Little girl soon began to see him in the dark.


Little girl was taught she would never amount,

Even though she tried to change,

To him she was stupid and strange,

So little girl experienced her first anorexia bout.


Little girl starved for a year and a half,

She threw out her food,

All meals she would elude,

Little girls struggles were met by his harsh laugh.


Little girl was pleased when little boy left,

A new year presented itself again,

A new start and a break from the pain,

Little girl began to recover from her soul theft.


Little girl struggled for half a year,

Then another little boy entered her life,

Who her to make it through any strife,

Little girl never knew he would be to blame for her tears.


Little girl told new little boy about the past,

He said he would protect her,

No trouble would anyone stir,

But little girl didn't know it wouldn't last.


Little girl learned three years too late,

That the most innocent of men,

Would only use her again,

Little girl learned not to trust and only to hate,


Little girl went to a new school,

She refused to trust in anyone,

But her past she could not outrun,

Little girl thought she could and proved herself a fool.


Little girl passed little boy in the hall,

four years since she saw his cold eyes,

She nearly cried at the surprise,

Again little girl felt weak and small.


Little girl was told to attend a different schools session,

Her health limitations would be managed,

She wasn't sure about this new challenge,

Little girl had met some people and had her suspicions.


Little girl waited for the bus the next day,

She choked down the fear within,

And tried to forget what had been,

The past clouded little girls eyes in shades of grey.


Little girl saw an old friend,

They discussed their lives as of late,

With her she could relate,

But little girl was afraid of her boyfriend.


Little girl endured the flashbacks,

The boyfriend was stern and strong,

His eyes were hard and his hair long,

Much like little boy from four years back.


Little girl tried to ease her pain,

She sought comfort in the razor blade,

From this her scars will never fade,

Now the razor blade she tries to abstain.


Little girls fears began to grow,

She saw hate in his eyes,

And distrust as he passed her by,

Little girl thought he the same as little boy from long ago.


Little girl never knew why,

He hated her every move,

She had no idea just what she had to prove,

Then something changed between little girl and guy.


Little girl was shown kindness,

An action she hadn't been shown in a while,

For the first time she received his warm goofy smile,

Little girl began to let loose some of her stress.


Little girls friend was taken away,

And with her left sanity's key,

Her and guy were left to be,

From happiness little girl would stray.


Little girl and guy drifted apart,

In her he began to trust,

But she had to readjust,

Little girl closed the cell to her heart.


Little girl walked the empty halls alone,

In darkness she was surrounded,

At everything she was embarrassed,

Hostility was little girl only shown.


Little girl survived five more long months,

Before the flashbacks she couldn't bare,

She thought that no-one would care,

But little girl could not avoid the truths.


Little girl slipped up and told,

She let out her secret,

She was filled with regret,

But little girl guy did not scold.


Little girl told of the past,

She had forgotten her rule of distrust,

To her solitude and secrets were a must,

But little girl forgot and told him to fast.


Little girl was alarmed and scared,

What would he do,

In him her fear grew,

Little girl would not be repaired.


Little girl cried all through that night,

Her secret was out,

She was filled with doubt,

Little girl began to fear again the smite,


Little girl suffers from nightmares,

Her friends, foes and family,

Are main characters in the anomaly,

She doesn't think anyone cares.


Little girls nightmares grow worse,

They starred her other father,

As he violated and raped her,

No-one knew the extent of little girls curse.


Little girl confided in guy some more,

He understood her fears,

But she would not grant him tears,

Little girl refused him sight into her core.


Little girl suffered a panic attack,

She was listening to commin in hot,

Memories the beats brought,

Little girl entered into another flashback.


Little girl ran away from guy,

All she knew was how to hide,

She new not how to confide,

Guy knew not little girls reason why,


Little girl began to let him in,

When she ran he was close behind,

Her chains he began to unbind,

But guy is unaware of little girls Horrors within.


Little girl slowly began to talk,

She told him a few worries,

He still knows not the weight she carries,

Little girl is still afraid he will walk.


Little girl trusted more in him,

He said he had her back,

He'd prevent any attack,

But to little girl life remained dim.


Little girl is slowly coming out of her shell,

She believes in his words,

Shes taking them inwards,

Little girl welcomed him to her inner hell,


Little girl awoke shaking in freight,

Tears streaming down her face,

The nightmare she could not erase,

Little girl too ashamed to text guy that night.


Little girl knows it's all her fault,

She a child so young and stupid,

hiding from the memories so vivid,

Little girl locks her shamed heart back in the vault.


Little girl knows not what to do,

She's afraid of the past she shares,

She worried too much he cares,

But little girl knows she'll be the same when his past comes to.


Little girl feels shes been unkind,

Only thinking of her past,

What were his troubles she never asked,

Little girl is selfish and blind.


Little tries to relinquish her past,

She will try to confide,

She will try to unwind,

Little girl will enjoy his company while it lasts.


Little girl was saved by guys grace,

He's teaching her to trust,

With his company she will adjust,

His care little girl began to embrace.


Little girl walked through life's door,

She tried to forget again,

Guy she began to let in,

Little girl was not so little anymore.


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