I'm Fine


She stared into oblivion
Unaware of her surroundings
Trapped in those memories
So painful is her hurt
Is it reality
Or a fallacy
Plagued with the dreams again
Desperately in need of a friend
Tossed back into the present
She realizes she didn't make it up
And she is now hesitant
So she dreads
Raising her head
She has been asked something
With tears in her eyes
She replies, "Can you repeat the question?"
"Are you alright?", they ask
Knowing that wasn't it
She takes a deep breath
And swallows her sorrows
She says "I'm fine"
But in her mind
She wants to say
"I would say I'm okay,
But I'm done lying"
And she really is trying
To fit in to this new crowd
With no previous experience to know how
A natural outsider
Untrusting of them all
Because of what they did
Her brothers
Her sister
Her father
They were supposed to be her protectors
But now that young man
The one just trying to become a friend
Touched her unharmingly
But she jumps anyway
Afraid of what may come next
When he asks a question
Or the next person after that
She'll always reply
I'm fine


Dragon Queen

Hey girl!!! Shani here

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